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Bad Romance



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Romeo & Juliet
Conspiracy theories run rampant in a heavily guarded psychiatric hospital, where the story of Romeo and Juliet is being played out by two patients whose lives are at risk.

The movie opens to a blurry scene where a young man BRENT WILLIAMS kills 3 scientists who are going to release a new biofuel.

The next time we see Brent, he’s being wheeled down a hallway in a clinic to Room 38. Inside Room 38 Brent gets shock treatment led by Nurse Demoya who is a sadist. Brent then sleeps in a straight jacket.

Flashback: A judge sentences Brent to a psychiatric hospital for killing 3 men. In the hospital, Brent wakes up staring at the ceiling. Morning, Orderlies unlock doors and let patients out.

Nurse Irina arrives at the gate and we see guards with guns.
An orderly let Brent out of his straight jacket. Brent walks down the hallway to breakfast. Nurse Pam meets Nurse Irina.
Patients line up for food and we meet a cleaver line jumper called Shakespeare. And Brent meets a patient called Clinton.

We meet Dr. Gilford (head doctor) a new patient is coming today. He wants to keep Emma’s (Juliet) case secret. We see Shakespeare putting on a show for the patients. An ambulance drives through the gate. Juliet is taken out from the ambulance she’s in a trance. We see scars on her wrists. We meet Dr. Anderson. Shakespeare performs as Clinton sees Juliet taken out of the ambulance. Juliet is wheeled through the reception area. Brent and Clinton walk across the room to see who the new patient is. Juliet is wheeled down the hallway, Brent thinks she is pretty.

Juliet is examined, her file is blank when she hears the word father she goes crazy. She needs to be sedated. In Dr. Gilford’s office, Dr. Anderson feels sorry for Juliet. Dr. Gilford wants her to get shock treatment. Nurse Irina questions the drug they give her. Nurse Pam listens at the door. Dr. Anderson and Nurse Irina prepare Juliet for room 38. Juliet has shock treatment, Nurse Demoya comments when her nipples become erect.

Juliet is wheeled into the lounge as Shakespeare performs, he names her Juliet. Brent is attracted to her. Nurse Irina feeds Juliet at dinner until Clinton has an episode and is taken away, then Brent goes to feed her. It’s 1 am Orderly Nettle looks down the hallway then goes back to reading. Orderly Nettle reads a newspaper that says “NEXT PRESIDENT DEAD” “MYSTERY SURROUNDS SENATOR TOWNSEND’S DEATH”. Brent sweats as he sleeps. Brent’s memory of killing, but this time we see clearly it’s Brent. Brent wakes up to see Clinton standing over him, Clinton takes him out of the room. The two sneak down the hall to Shakespeare’s room. It card night, inside a few patients are playing cards.

Establishing shots of the clinic in the morning. Nurse Irina sees that no-one is in the admin room so she hurries in, to look at some patient files, no patient has any history. From a distance Nurse Pam sees Nurse Irina leaving the room. Shakespeare is again performing when Nurse Irina wheels Juliet in. Shakespeare starts doing Romeo and Juliet and gets Brent to help. Juliet wakes up from her trace by listening to Brent’s voice. Juliet is being examined by Dr. Anderson when Dr. Gilford and Nurse Pam bursts in angry. Dr. Anderson and Nurse Irina leave the room. Dr. Gilford questions Juliet as to what she remembers.

Flashback: A little girl in bed is crying as the door opens. Juliet’s screams can be heard down the hall as Nurse Irina hurries Orderly Jones to open her door. Juliet is going crazy, Nurse Irina tries to calm her down but Dr. Gilford enters and sends her to room 38. In the lounge, Clinton tells Brent that Juliet is going to room 38 again. From one end of the hall, they can see Juliet being taken away. Clinton opens the door of the air-con room and tells Brent to crawl into a shaft it will lead to room 38. In room 38 Nurse Demoya distracts Nurse Irina and molests Juliet, from an air vent Brent sees what’s happening.

In the lounge, Brent sits quietly near a window as Juliet is wheeled in. Shakespeare performs a sad part of the play. Dr. Gilford is on the phone talking about Juliet’s reprogramming. That night three pairs of feet creep down the hallway. Outside Juliet’s room, Brent and Shakespeare talk about love so Juliet can listen.

The next morning in the dining hall Brent talks with Juliet until Clinton shows Brent a newspaper article that reveals Juliet has secrets. Clinton says they need to get a blue pill and give it to Juliet so she regains her memory briefly. In the garden Clinton plans how to break into the pharmacy, they will have to make someone have a seizure as a distraction.

Clinton asks another patient how to make someone have a seizure. They have a plan. In the dining room Clinton and Brent start their plan and drug a patient called Adam who is obese. Juliet offers her desert to Brent. Later that night Clinton and Brent creep down the hall. They break into Adam’s room. Adam is sound asleep, but he is too heavy to carry so they put him on a TV trolly and wheel him into the hall. They wheel Adam down the hall towards the bathroom.

In the bathroom they put Adam into a tub of cold water, then they take him out and wheel him back as he drips everywhere.
They wheel him back down the hall. They leave him on the floor of his room and run away. Clinton and Brent run down the hall and hide in the lounge. In the lounge they wait, then. In the hallway, Adam’s screaming can be heard. At the front counter Orderly Jones panics and heads to the pharmacy.

In the pharmacy, Orderly Jones grabs a syringe and hurries out, just before the door closes Clinton slides across the floor and grabs the door. Brent hurries in. In Adam’s room Nurse Paul and Jones struggle with Adam, but he’s so large one syringe isn’t enough, Jones heads back to the pharmacy. Jones enters the pharmacy making Brent duck for cover. As Jones panics, he farts in Brent’s face. Brent ends up on the floor gasping for air. But he finds the blue pills and leaves. From a distance Brent and Clinton see Adam being wheeled down the hall. Jones wonders how Adam got wet. In Brent’s room he takes a pill and lies down.

Flashback: 2006 Brent works in a bank, he finds that the mortgage numbers don’t add up, he goes to his boss and tells him, his boss says don’t worry. Brent meets a friend in a park and plants a listening device on him and tells him his theory. Back in the office, Brent listens as his friend meets with the boss. At night Brent meets with a reporter and gives him some files. But Brent sees a black car and runs away. The black car follows Brent into an ally, then three men in black get out. The leader is Sergeant Calisto. In a courtroom Brent is convicted of murder, the reporter watches and shakes his head.

Again in the darkroom setting, this time Brent is tied up and Sergeant Calisto injects Brent. Brent is then forced to watch the opening scene of three men tied up but in the middle is Nurse Demoya doing the killing, but they just pretend to die. In Brent’s room, Brent wakes up and realizes that he’s not crazy. In the morning Brent walks down the hall and ravages Juliet, Nurse Demoya watches from a distance. Clinton sits next to Brent, Brent tells Clinton about taking the pill and offers one to Clinton. Clinton acts strangely and reveals he’s been drugged and exposes that Brent helped him seal the pills the night before. They are both taken away.

In room 38 they both get shock treatment. In the pharmacy Dr Gilford tries to find out how many pills are missing. Brent comes out of his room and slowly walks down the hallway. In the lounge Brent is still in shock, Juliet feels sad, Shakespeare performs another sad scene from the play. Clinton see next to Brent, he gets a high from the shock treatment. Clinton and Brent walk in the garden as Clinton helps Brent to remember what has been happening. In the dining room, Clinton sweet-talks the cook for a cup of coffee. They plan how to give Juliet a blue pill. That night in Juliet’s room she is talking to herself about Romeo and is very horny.

Brent enters, she wants sex, Clinton listens from outside, Brent gives Juliet a pill. Clinton enters, Juliet starts to remember. Flashback: Her real name is Emma Townsend. Juliet is abused by her father. Flashback: At a party, her mother flirts with young men, then has sex with one. Juliet starts to scream, Clinton covers her mouth.
Flashback: Juliet’s mother hugs her.
Flashback: Juliet meets a pimp named Jordan.
Flashback: Juliet blows Jordan, Jordan tells Juliet to be a hooker.
Clinton asks more questions.
Flashback: Juliet tells about Tony Sinclair her father's advisor, she has sex with him.
Flashback: Juliet walks into a hotel.
Flashback: In the hotel room is Juliet’s father, he beats her and rapes her again, Juliet kills her father. Men in Black open the door. One is Sergeant Calisto.

Back in Juliet’s room, she starts screaming, Brent can’t calm her down so they run away. Brent and Clinton hide as Demoya and Jones drag Juliet to room 38. From outside room 38, Juliet’s screams can be heard. Dr. Gilford discuss what happened to Juliet and Demoya thinks Brent is involved. Brent sits in the garden with Juliet she is still shocked. Clinton asks Nurse Irina for a favor.

That night Nurse Irina lets Brent out of his room to meet with Juliet. In the lounge, Juliet and Brent play the balcony scene.
Brent wakes up in his room Nurse Demoya takes Brent away. In the dining room Clinton and Juliet look for Brent. Demoya takes Brent into the darkroom, Brent knows he’s been there before. Brent tries to fight as 2 MIB’s grab Brent. Clinton starts searching for Brent. Brent is tied up and injected by Sergeant Calisto, and put in front of a TV.

Clinton keeps searching fro Brent. Shakespeare is performing the death scene from Hamlet. Nurse Irina tells Clinton she saw Brent with Demoya. Juliet is talking to herself in the garden. Clinton goes to Brent’s room and retraces his movements.
Clinton starts to down the dark hallway, but he has memories he runs out. In Brent’s room Clinton looks for the pills, he finds them and takes one.

Flashback: Sept 7, 2001, In a large hanger a group of Arab men sit, they are guarded by US soldiers, A young Sergeant Calisto and Clinton both dressed in black suits. The Arabs are told in 4 days the greatest covert op will happen. Clinton argues with Calisto, Clinton doesn’t want to be a part of attacking the twin towers and walks out. Calisto says there is no out.

Clinton awakes knowing his past. Shakespeare is in the garden with Juliet who is confused about Romeo killing Tybalt.
In the darkroom Brent is be reprogrammed as MIB 2 & 3 disappear Calisto realizes that Clinton is in the room. Clinton has a stand off with Calisto and argument, but as soon as Brent screams Clinton shoots Calisto and frees Brent. Juliet is still confused as Shakespeare tries to explain. Clinton gives Brent a gun, they now need an escape plan.

Dr. Anderson sees Juliet getting disturbed and tells Nurse Irina to take her away before Demoya sees. Clinton comes up with a plan to let the crazies out. Brent must stay hidden. Dr. Anderson tells Juliet to stay calm or she’ll be sent to room 38. Clinton goes into the kitchen as they’re cooking, he puts a handful of pills into the soup. Shakespeare is performing a scene from Caesar.
Cook Portman opens the dining room doors. Clinton runs around telling everyone how great the soup is tonight. Nurse Irina tells Demoya that Juliet will have a salt bath after dinner.

Clinton gives Brent an update on their plan. Nurse Irina takes Juliet out of the dining room. Clinton passes Juliet in the hallway.
In the lounge some patients have fallen asleep. Some patients have fallen asleep in the dining room Cook Portman can’t wake them. Juliet gets in the salt bath. The patients start to wake up screaming. Clinton is excited. The staff doesn’t know what to do.

Clinton tells Brent it’s time to come out. The patients have stopped screaming and now they are all talking about there past. Dr. Gilford wants them all sedated. Two soldiers from the Clintons past recognize him. Clinton takes a patient into the power room. Brent looks for Juliet. Clinton tells John to start flicking the light switches. The lights flicker in the hall, Adam thinks the Aliens are coming for him again.

Demoya looks at the confusion and leaves the lounge. Brent finds Clinton, but can’t find Juliet. Dr. Gilford asks Nurse Pam to standby the Swat team. In the bathroom Nurse Irina opens the door to see what’s going on, Demoya grabs her with a chloroform cloth and makes her pass out. Juliet thinks it’s Romeo. Demoya tries to rape Juliet but he says the word father and Juliet goes crazy and escapes. Juliet finds Brent who gets her some clothes, then he heads to the bathroom.

Brent finds Nurse Irina and helps her then Demoya appears and attacks Brent, Brent shoots Demoya. Everyone hears the gunshot and panics, Dr Gilford calls for the Swat team. Brent helps Nurse Irina to her feet. In the middle of the panic Juliet sits in the lounge and relaxes. In the hall Brent finds Clinton, now they look for Juliet again. A Swat team run through the front gate.

Brent finds Juliet, she talks of marriage Brent talks of running. Brent finds Clinton, he says Swat are coming. The Swat team enters and fire shots into the ceiling. A patient gets shot. If you stand you die. The Swat laser makes an announcement.
Clinton Brent and Juliet go to the darkroom and change into MIB outfits except for Juliet, Clinton takes Juliet and leaves.
Nurse Irina crawls on the floor she sees a patient panicking. The patient stands up, Nurse Irina jumps up to pull her down, they both get shot in front of Clinton. Clinton drags Irina’s body into a room and tells Juliet to change into her clothes and play dead. Clinton calls out and says he’s Sergeant Calisto. The Swat leader tells Clinton to come out, Brent finds Juliet and thinks she is dead. Brent puts his gun to his head and is ready to kill himself when Clinton tells him she’s not dead.

Clinton and Brent help Juliet to the front door when Dr. Gilford sees who they are and tells the Swat leader, but Clinton tells the Swat leader that Dr. Gilford is really Clinton Serra ex CIA and to shoot him. As they walk out the door they hear a gunshot. The get in the waiting ambulance. In the ambulance Juliet doesn’t know what will happen to their story now, Clinton tells them now they have to write their own future.

Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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The Writer: Ross Clarkson

I’ve been in the Film and Television industry for 30+ years. My experience ranges from shooting news in Australia in the '80s to Directing commercials in Hong Kong and China in the ’90s to Director of Photography/Camera Operator for many Feature films in Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Bulgaria. I’ve worked on 50+ films to date. Films I have worked on have starred such actors as: Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Wesley Snipes, Keifer Sutherland, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Sir Michael Caine. Adding to my involvement inthe film industry,I've written 12 scripts, One which is called "Captured" I produced and directed it and it won... Go to bio

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