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Chased by Cambodian drug dealers, Russians, and the CIA, a beautiful historian leads the race to find 200 bars of gold stolen by rogue US soldiers at the end of the Vietnam war.

Chased by Cambodian drug dealers, Russians, and the CIA, a beautiful historian leads the race to find 200 bars of gold stolen by rogue US soldiers at the end of the Vietnam war.

In 1975 during the fleeting moments of the Vietnam war, a group of US soldiers led by Colonel Kurtz break into a secret vault and steal 200 bars of gold. They then hide the gold at several locations around Vietnam with the intention of returning later to get the gold out of the country.

The gold was from the world's elite who were setting up a new channel for laundering money.

In 1995, Kurtz returned with some CIA agents to show them where the gold is, but instead, he walks them into a minefield and they all die.

Present-day William Kurtz, the Colonel's son tracts down Tna who is the best selling author of the history of the Vietnam war. William tells Tna he has found a letter from his father which talks about the gold. William asks Tna is she can help him find the gold.

Tna is then recruited by the Vietnamese Special Forces to find the gold.

Tna lost her father in 1995, she grew up with an inferiority complex that got her into extreme sports. A few years earlier Tna applied to join the Special Forces but was rejected due to lack of fitness, which now is not an issue, she looks great.

Tna takes the assignment with Agent Trung and Agent Vahn. Agent Trung wants to keep the Special Forces involvement low profile so they let Tna go alone with William. Tna suspects Colonel Kurtz was working for the CIA and she knew the areas where they operated.

Near the border with Cambodia, Tna and William find an old tunnel, Tna sets off a booby trap and they enter. Tna finds a clue to where a stash of gold could be, but this stash of gold is already missing.

They follow the tunnel and emerge in a Cambodian drug lab. They get found and tied up. The leader Brother Duch is a brutal man and tortures William until he tells them about the gold. Meanwhile, a guard tries to rape Tna who fights her way free and starts shooting up the lab. Brother Duch runs for cover back in the tunnel, just then a helicopter is landing, William has been bitten by a snake, Tna kills the pilot and loads William into the helicopter and flies to a hospital.

At the hospital, Tna is joined by Agent Trung and Vahn where she tells them she knows where the next stash of gold is.

The next day William is missing from the hospital, Tna goes to a Special Forces base and prepares for the next challenge, the mountain top ruins.

Knowing that Brother Duch will be heading to ruins Tna and Trung parachute into the ruins while Agent Vahn leads troops up the mountain. Tna finds the stash of gold just as Brother Duch and his men arrive. They have a gunfight and Tna and Trung are trapped in a room.

Brother Duch loads the gold into his jeep and heads to an awaiting cargo plane on a lower level. The jeep is also loaded into the cargo plane.

Tna puts on a wingsuit and jumps out a window, Trung is amazed. As the plane is taking off Tna flies into the back just before the rear door is closed. Later Brother Duch finds Tna, during a fight Tna lowers the back door and unlocks the jeep which rolls out of the plane. Tna jumps after the jeep and is followed by 2 henchmen. At the jeep, Tna works to set off the parachutes attached to the jeep while fighting with the two men. She releases the men's parachutes and they fly away, then Tna sets off the jeeps parachutes and lands safely.

Brother Duch meets with his Russian drug partner IVAN who is angry about the drug lab being destroyed, Brother Duch wants to kill Tna.

Tna has to think of a new plan because she missed the next clue to the gold. William reappears with a CIA Agent Kyle, they meet with Tna. It's revealed that Agent fabricated the letter from Colonel Kurtz and that Kurtz killed his men so he was the only one who knew the whereabouts of the gold.

Tna doesn't believe the story and is about to walk out when Kyle tells her that the driver in 1995 was her father, he was with Kurtz and the CIA when they walked into the minefield, his body was never found.

Tna is uncontainable as she researches all possibilities, finally, she finds a hospital that has had a mystery patient for many years. She goes to the hospital, the nurse tells her that this man has lost his memory and hasn't spoken since he was found. Tna slowly approaches the man, she holds a photo of her father and her in her hand, she looks at him, her memories come flooding back, she holds his hand. He also has tears in his eyes.

Tna tells the nurse she'll organize a hospital in HCM for her father, as she's leaving the nurse gives her a bag. It a bag he was found with. In the bag is a letter for Colonel Kurtz to his son telling the truth about how an undercover CIA agent killed his men and tried to kill him.

Tna walks out of the hospital and finds Agent Trung next to her car, he was worried that she hasn't replied to any call or message. Tna finds out she has a tracking device on her, she is very angry and leaves.

Tna meets with Agent Vahn and tells him why she is upset, he explains that Trung cares for her and they all have tracking devices.

When Tna returns to the quest, she has figured out that gold could be hidden is a submarine base.

Tna, Trung, and Vahn put on diving gear and go in search. They find an entrance, inside is a minisub base, and I the middle is the largest pile of gold. Just as they're figuring out how to move the gold Brother Duch and his men arrive through a land tunnel, a fight pursues. Trung saves Tna as she tries to move the gold into the submarine. 

Finally, the gold is loaded into the sub and they escape, special forces then capture the men, except for Brother Duch who fell into the water.

Everyone believes the mission is all but complete, there's just a small Stash of gold to find. After studying maps Tna believes it is at an old POW camp. Tna goes in search again.

Tna stops at a petrol station on the way, another car also pulls in, it's Brother Duch and a big guy. A car chase follows.

TNA's car crashes at the base of a hill, the big guy follows. Tna finally kills the big guy.

As Tna enters the old POW camp she is caught by Ivan and his men, then Brother Duch shows up and finally Agent Kyle, they all know each other and have done separate deals with each other. To force Tna to find the gold Agent Kyle brings out William who he has as a prisoner.

Tna finds the gold and tricks one guard to start shooting, they all start shooting at each other, it's a three-way double-cross.

Ivan gets the gold loaded into a truck and drives away followed by Brother Duch on a bike. Agent Kyle gets picked up by a helicopter and as they leave Tna grabs the skids and climbs in. She fights with Kyle until he falls out. Then Tna gets the pilot to get her close to the truck, she jumps on.

Meanwhile, Trung and Vahn have got a team together and all e flying to help her.

Tna fights with Ivan on the roof of the truck until he falls off, then she fights with the driver who crashes the truck.

An injured, Tna grabs a sawn-off shotgun and tries to stand as Brother Duch rides for her with a katana sword in her hands.

Agent Trung who is parachuting down tries to shoot Brother Duch but misses.

Just as Brother Duch comes close to cut her head off, Tna raises the gin and shoots him.

Finally, her father is brought to a hospital in HCM, and Tna is with him.

Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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