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Regent of the Sun

300 years in the future, a mysterious mercenary and an enigmatic girl must unlock a celestial power to stop an ancient evil from annihilating mankind.



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300 years in the future, mankind’s on the verge of extinction. Wars, disease, and disaster have ravaged the planet. Moreover, an incurable virus has eradicated man’s ability to reproduce.

The world is now ruled by DAGON; A Corporation who ascended to supremacy on the back of their ability to produce lab-grown, artificial humans. Their society of “flawless anthropoids” are now the apex civilization. Whereas the last of ‘organic’ humanity live on the outskirts, in tribes, sects, gangs, or peaceful communities.

Then there is Kana. A preternaturally powerful mercenary, on a quest to uncover the truth about his past. To learn why his mother sacrificed herself to save his life. Why his adopted family relinquished him to a ‘Sect of Assassins’ for the sake of his safety.

It’s this quest that brings Kana to the outskirts Dagon’s biggest city: New Hallah. And while, searching for a way inside the metropolis, his plans are derailed, when he stops a gang from kidnapping an enigmatic, mute 14-year-old girl, named Alina. However, he’s wounded during the melee. So, Alina brings him back to her community receive medical assistance.

Alina’s community live abroad ‘The Intrepid’ - a decommissioned Aircraft Carrier - converted into a floating village by its current inhabitants. Which includes her scholarly guardian, Bradley. A brilliant scientist, Sofia. And Gregor, the battle-weary leader of ‘The Intrepid’.

While treating Kana, Sofia and Bradley discover he’s immune to the fertility virus. But to investigate further, they need a DNA testing machine that can only be found in New-Hallah. Given Kana’s need to get into the highly fortified city, he agrees to help Bradley retrieve this device.

While in New-Hallah, they bear witness to an emergency proclamation from Dagon’s insidious leader, Bastian. Who in turn, announces a new zero-tolerance policy toward ‘humans’, declaring they will now be incarcerated or killed, due to ‘alleged acts of aggression’ toward their so-called ‘peaceful’ society.

As for Bastian… he is not who he claims to be. Indeed, he is the reincarnation of an ancient evil who’s spent thousands of years architecting the return of the ‘Wraiths’; a primordial demonic force, lingering in the cosmos.

Bradley is the only person alive who understands the horror Bastian intends to unleash on the world.

It’s because of this knowledge, Bradley discovers a critical connection between Kana and Alina. Something that might be the key to stopping Dagon. This discovery triggers an expedition to Kana’s homeland, which sadly ends in tragedy, when Alina is captured.

Following this, Kana and the others mount a desperate mission to rescue Alina and prevent Bastian from opening a gateway that will allow the corporeal Wraiths to possess Dagon’s ‘fit-to-purpose’ anthropoids.

Only Kana and Alina can stop Bastian. And to do so, Kana must surrender his soul to an age-old seraphic force with the ability to protect humankind. Yet that sacrifice depends on Alina, for only she can summon this guardian spirit. They’re the last line of defense. For, only their belief in each other and faith in a transcendent celestial power, will save humanity from complete annihilation.
Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy

Submitted: May 26, 2021
Last Updated: September 18, 2021

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The Writer: J.B. Storey

Once upon a time I dreamed about becoming a 'working writer'. But, life had other plans. Good, enduring plans. So, nowadays I work on being a writer, in my ' spare time '. And every once-in-awhile I get lucky and win an accolade or two. I've also even been blessed with seeing some of my work come to life on screen and stage. But no matter the outcome, I continue to write. As I love the process. It's a constant state of learning and growing. There is nothing comparable to conjuring and crafting a narrative out of the vastness of the imagination. It is a wonderful creative and cathartic outlet that I hope will be a part of who I am, for as long as I am. Go to bio
Law Firm: Dewey, Screwem, and Howe

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