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An FBI profiler learns that serial killers who never get caught eventually answer to Melville; A vengeful spirit intent on dispensing grisly punishment to the wicked.

Murderers that get pinched and punished are the lucky ones. Those that slip into the darkness have the misfortune of meeting Melville. As he teaches them that killing has consequences. Some of this world. Some more supernatural.

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Creative World Awards 2018, Short Screenplay Category, Semi-Finalist

Hollyshorts 2018 Screenplay Contest, 2nd Place -

Zed Fest 2018, Finalist, Short Screenplay Competition -

Shore Scripts Annual Screenplay Contest, Short Screenplay category – Quarter-Finalist -

2017 Beverly Hills Screenwriting Contest, Short Screenplay Category -Finalist <>

Oregon Short Film Festival 2018, Official Selection and Best Screenplay Award Nomination

International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, Short Screenplay Contest - Official Finalist

Austin Micro Shorts, Official Finalist

2018 Bluecat Screenplay Contest, Reader Feedback: (HIGHLIGHTS)

"This is a harrowing, hallucinatory, intense psychological noir thriller about a world where a supernatural force takes shape as a Shadow Man who hunts evil people who are able to subvert the law (“You see, killing has consequences... some worldly, some other.”). The script brilliantly pieces together the distant memories of Louis to unravel his connection to the Shadow Man, peeling back the layers like an onion. The ending is up for interpretation – either the Shadow Man is a figment of Louis’ damaged imagination, or he’s a real force that teams up with mortal men to combat evil. Either way, what we have here is an intensely satisfying portrait of true justice – a world where there are forces working behind what the normal eye can see to make sure that those who cause suffering get what they deserve, and that those who suffer have guardian angels watching out for them.

The dialogue here is so good – like listening to wine and chocolate ooze out of each character’s mouth. There’s not one throwaway line here, not one line that doesn’t have some tinge of creativity and character."

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An FBI profiler learns first hand that killing has consequences... some worldly. Some other.

Justice has a name… and it’s Melville.

Killing has consequences…
some worldly, some other.

Sometimes the bad guys get away with it.  Be it a failure of justice or the cruelty of circumstance, some deeds look set to go unpunished - at least by the law as we know it.

My name’s Alex.
I work with the FBI.
I’m what they call a ’profiler’.

You’ll catch the bad guys?

That’s the plan.
But I need a partner.
Think you can help me?

I- I- I’m just a kid.

My uh, ’other’ partner says,
’The best way to catch a bad guy is together, as one.’

Is he a profiler too?

No. Not exactly...

This partner is the Shadow Man.  An ethereal being, who centuries has watched over us; working together with a few chosen lawmen to ensure the worst of humanity face the consequences of their crimes.

Now, following the death of his former mentor and partner, hard-nosed detective Louis Taylor finds himself heir to this unlikely agreement.

Skeptical at first, the deeper Louis digs the more he comes to understand the truth about his former friend and colleague.  A truth that forces Louis to reconcile his own tormented past and accept a pursuit of justice that lies far beyond our mortal realm.

So either I’m crazy or you’re real.
Neither of which gives me the warm fuzzies.

But raining hell fire down on the most nasty of nasties
has gotta warm your heart, right?

Louis glances at the black folder next to him. He shuffles it to one side to reveal a BLUE folder underneath. The folder reads: "BILL".

Louis studies Melville in the rear view mirror, and then back out again at the house, deliberating.

Cobb used to say...
"You only get the pot of gold..."

"...if you’re willing to find the end of the rainbow".

For Louis, like Cobb and the lawmen before him, the Shadow Man is a way to strike back against evil.  To right past wrongs and bring closure to those suffering injustice.  All Louis has to do is say the word... 

Jeremy Storey’s Melville offers a dark crime noir with a supernatural twist.  This script serves as a potential teaser - a prelude to a story greater in scope than the usual short scripts.  

The Shadow Man offers up a hero for the ages: a pipe smoking, Stetson wearing avenger with a slick tongue and a penchant for restoring karmic balance with an ice-pick.  For filmmakers looking for a bold new project, Melville offers a chance to take their craft to the next level.

Review by Steve Miles
Submitted: August 27, 2017
Last Updated: January 21, 2019
Times Downloaded: 42
Last Downloaded: March 21, 2020

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The Writer: Jeremy Storey

Jeremy Storey, originally hails from the United Kingdom, but now resides in Seattle, WA. He first discovered the joys of writing at school, penning short stories and collaborating on comic books with his friends. Coming from a writerly family, it was in his DNA to tell stories. However, it wasn’t until he graduated University, that he started to dabble in film and stage. Since then, he’s written feature length screenplays (The Immaculate Secret, Rewind, Pink Slip Party, An Angel Whispers), as well as award-winning short screenplays (Cat & Mouse, Wishbone, Tower of Strength, Dog Years, Melville) and award-winning stage plays (Last Cup of Sorrow, Wolves at the Door). For Jeremy, writing... Go to bio

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