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Seraphim's Miracle

A cynical journalist--who specializes in debunking mysterious phenomenon--investigates an 'alleged' small-town 'miracle', that might just be true.



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Ben Chambers was once a respected, Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent. But when his wife Beth unexpectedly dies while he is working overseas in Afghanistan, his life crumbles apart.

Three years later, Ben is now a cynical journalist who specializes in debunking mysterious phenomenon for ‘Scuttlebutt’; a popular, tabloid magazine run by his long-time friend and colleague, Selina.

‘Scuttlebutt’s’ primary benefactor is Phil Knox. A wealthy businessman with questionable ethics and morals. So, when one day he requests that Ben take on an investigation regarding a supernatural small-town tale, Ben has reservations. However, Selina pushes him to take the case, as Phil can help Ben get a set of adoption records, he’s been petitioning the Church to unseal. Additionally, Phil is also threatening to shut down cash-strapped ‘Scuttlebutt’ if Ben does not play ball.

The case in question is about an alleged ‘incident’ that occurred in the town of Seraphim. The locals claim they saw a man in a Navy Pilot uniform appear in their Townhall on the night of a big storm. Supposedly, his presence saved the locals from leaving the Townhall, for if they had, they’d have been killed by a tornado. They also believe the Navy Pilot was a young man named Jimmy Clancy. Problem is, Jimmy was half-a-world away at the time of the ‘incident’… and dead.

Once in town, Ben interviews Jimmy’s closest friends and family, as well as other witnesses. What he learns is that the incident galvanized those that loved Jimmy the most: his Father, Best Friend and Girlfriend. For they believe this wondrous event helped them find a way to heal, provided them peace, and gave them a purpose.

However, no matter where he pokes, Ben cannot find any holes in their story. Which becomes increasingly problematic as Selina and Phil apply pressure on him to tear their story to shreds or bury it where it can never be found. Otherwise Ben won’t get what he wants, and Selina’s business will be reduced to rubble.

This leads Ben to dig deeper and eventually discover Phil’s own shady agenda behind the investigation. As Phil wishes to take possession of the land on which the ‘incident’ took place. But if the town’s story became public, that would likely thwart his avaricious scheming.

But Phil’s nefarious intentions aren’t Ben’s biggest stumbling block. Because as he carefully peels back layer upon layer of the story, he also starts to learn about his own astonishing connection to the town’s tale. A remarkable personal link that simply cannot be ignored.

So, he must decide to either walk away, write a fabricated takedown, or… believe. Believe, that maybe people aren’t as cynical as he thinks. Maybe people need to hear an impossible story, told by an improbable person to ignite their hearts, and inspire their souls.

But in the end, to accept the truth, Ben must decide to have faith, that whatever direction he picks, it’ll lead him to a place of healing. A destination of hope. And back to the man Beth once loved. The man he used to be. Even if it takes… a miracle.

For anything is possible, in the magical town of Seraphim.
Genres: Drama, Supernatural Mystery, Holiday, and Faith.
Recommends: Screencraft, Stage 32, StoryPros, Launch Pad, BulletProof Coverage, Coverage Ink, Plus, 'Reader Recommended' and 8/10 avg. on 'The Blacklist'.

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Stage 32, Drama Screenplay Top 10 Finalist - 2020

Submitted: July 11, 2019
Last Updated: December 4, 2020

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The Writer: J.B. Storey

I originally hail from the UK, but now reside in Seattle, WA. Over the years I've written award-winning feature length & short screenplays. As well as award-winning stage plays (Last Cup of Sorrow, Wolves at the Door). I've had four pieces of my work produced for screen and stage: An Angel Whispers (short film), Adrifting (short film), Good Deeds (short film), and Last Cup of Sorrow (stage play). These days I write, because it's a creative outlet, and I enjoy the process. I like telling stories. Exploring new worlds. Letting my imagination run wild. For me it really is about the journey. Not the destination. Go to bio
Law Firm: Dewey, Screwem, and Howe

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