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Seraphim's Miracle

A jaded journalist--who specializes in debunking mysterious phenomenon--investigates an alleged small-town 'miracle' that might just be the real thing.



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Genre: (Drama/Mystery)
Ben was once an award-winning war correspondent. But his life and career came off the rails when his wife unexpectedly died while he was on assignment in Afghanistan.

Five years later, Ben is now a jaded, quasi-journalist who specializes in debunking mysterious phenomenon for a trashy tabloid magazine called ‘Scuttlebutt’.

The publication is managed by his mentor and friend, Selina. Herself a former chief war correspondent who left the field behind after experiencing a devastating personal tragedy.

One day, ‘Scuttlebutt’s wealthy benefactor, Phil Knox requests that Ben discreetly research a beguiling case. Furthermore, Phil is facilitating this ask directly on behalf of The Vatican. Or so he says.

Ben is reluctant to take on the case. But decides to do so as a favor to Selina, as her business is flatlining, and cannot survive without Knox’s support. Moreover, the Church has promised Ben recompense in the form of unsealing a set of adoption records he’s been seeking ever since his wife died.

The investigation itself, is about a Naval Aviator who allegedly appeared in a rural Townhall/Church on the night of a deadly storm. The townsfolk claim that firstly, if not for the timely visitation of this Pilot, those in the Church likely would have been killed by a sudden and catastrophic tornado.

Secondly, they also insist that this Aviator was Jimmy Clancy. A local young man who had joined the Air Force three years prior to the incident. However, during the storm, Jimmy was actually half-a-world away at the time. And more importantly… dead.

Ben starts his investigation by interviewing those closest to Jimmy and other witnesses of the so-called ‘incident’. With each conversation, Ben discovers how authentic and honest the people are about what happened. Not just the event, but rather how it impacted their worlds afterward. How it changed the course of their lives and gave them a sense of peace and purpose.

This is unlike the other stories of mysterious phenomenon he’s probed and debunked in the past. For, in most cases it was easy to disprove their far-fetched tales and consequently, weed out scammers, liars, grifters and con artists alike.

But no matter how doggedly he pries, Ben cannot disprove this chronicle. Which becomes problematic, as Selina and Phil are putting pressure on Ben to debunk the ‘miracle’, no matter the truth.

As with any good journalist, Ben follows the story wherever it may go. And because of the urgency and forcefulness of both Selina and Phil, Ben decides to search for what prompted the investigation.

What he eventually uncovers is a seedy conspiracy to make the people of the town and their story come across as crazy and unhinged. Why? To clear a path to help Phil buy the land where the supposed ‘miracle’ took place and line his already well-stuffed pockets.

To make matter more complicated, Ben learns about his own remarkable connection to the town’s tale and its people. An extraordinary and highly personal bond that he cannot callously brush aside, regardless of the potential ramifications for everyone involved.

And even if he should choose to accept and tell the real story, he worries that we live in a post-truth world that is full of cynics and trolls, who wouldn’t believe him, irrespective of the truth.

So, in the end, Ben must choose a direction that will have profound consequences and collateral damage, no matter what action he takes; Either walk away or write a fabricated denunciation.

Before deciding what to do, Ben comes to understand that this is a choice about having faith in himself. For, if there is one lesson he learns from Jimmy’s closest circle, is that; if we are true to ourselves and the memories of those we love, the path we choose will lead us right where we belong.

For Ben, that means telling the story of Seraphim’s Miracle. Believing, that maybe not everyone is beholden to cynicism. Maybe, all they crave is an impossible story. Told by an improbable person. To captivate their hearts and spark their imagination.

(Seraphim’s Miracle is an inspirational tale that explores how we all experience grief differently. How those emotions impact the way we cope in the aftermath. What do we do when confronted by the misery of misfortune or the magic of miracles? How do we behave? What do we believe? In the end, how we prevail after losing someone we adore, can be a negative, relentless reflection of our pain. Or, in time, a positive embodiment of the values and virtues of those we loved and lost. Ensuring their memory and all that was good about them, lives on through us… forever.
I sincerely feel that we could use more stories like this, given the uncertain world we live in today.)

Genres: Drama, Supernatural Mystery, Magical Realism
Recommends: Screencraft, Stage 32, StoryPros, Launch Pad, BulletProof Coverage, Coverage Ink, Plus, 'Reader Recommended' and 8/10 avg. on 'The Blacklist'.

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Stage 32, Drama Screenplay Top 10 Finalist - 2020
Burbank International Film Festival [Winner, Best Original Screenplay, 2021]
AOF Megafest (Finalist, 2021]
LA Motion Picture Festival (Winner, 2021]
Royal Wolf Films (Winner, 2021]
Cinemafest (Winner, 2021]
Creative World Awards (Finalist 2021]
NYISA (Third Place, 2021]
Austin Revolution (Finalist 2020)
SoCal Film Festival (First Place 2020)
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist 2020)
Creative Screenwriting (Semifinalist 2020)
Diverse Voices (Quarterfinalist 2019)
Fade In (Finalist 2020)
Inroads Fellowship (Semifinalist 2019)
ScreenCraft Drama (Semifinalist 2020)
Nantucket (Semifinalist 2020)
RIIFF/Rhode Island (Finalist 2019)
Page Turner - Feature/TV Drama (Finalist 2020)
Launch Pad Feature (Quarterfinalist 2020)
IndieFest (Second Place 2020)
LiveRead/LA (Finalist 2020)
New York International (Finalist 2020)
Pitch Now (First Place 2019)
Screenwriting Master (Semifinalist 2020)
Script Summit (Quarterfinalist 2020)
Scriptation Showcase (Finalist 2020)
Southern California (Semifinalist 2019)
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist 2020)
WeScreenplay Feature (Semifinalist 2019)
Write LA (Finalist 2020)
Twister Alley Festival (Finalist 2020)
Hollywood Dreamz (Finalist 2020)
NOTE: Contest pushed to 2021
Peachtree Village (Finalist 2020)
This contest is active
Feel The Reel (Finalist 2020)
International Independent (Second Place 2020)
Someday (Finalist 2020)
Chicago Screenwriters (Semifinalist 2020)
Creative World (Quarterfinalist 2020)
ReelHeART (Semifinalist 2020)
Los Angeles International (Quarterfinalist 2019) Feature (Quarterfinalist 2020)
Filmmatic Drama (Semifinalist 2020)
ScreenCraft Fellowship (Semifinalist 2020)
Golden Script Competition (Quarterfinalist 2020)
Atlanta (Quarterfinalist 2019)
Boston Awards (Semifinalist 2020)
The BSA was active in 2020
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist 2019)
Sunset Film Festival (Finalist 2021)
StoryPros Awards (Semifinalist 2021)
Sacramento Fest (Finalist 2021)
Sedona International (Quarterfinalist 2021)
L.A. Film & Script (Semifinalist 2021)
Toronto Metropolitan (Semifinalist 2021)
Zed Fest Feature (Semifinalist 2021)
Miami Screenplay Awards (Semifinalist 2021)

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Submitted: July 11, 2019
Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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The Writer: J.B. Storey

My writing career started when I was no more than nine or ten years old. However, it took the form of imaginary adventures my many toys would embark upon. As I got older, I started to write essays at school. I excelled at the ones where I could freely mold my ideas into fiction. Not as good when it came to scrutinizing existing star-crossed literature written five hundred years ago. So, what did I do with all of that imagination? I studied history and philosophy. Why? For the most part, because I was a kid who still harbored ambitions of being Batman. In other words, I had no idea who I wanted to be professionally. Yet, I was drawn to history, for that is the root of all storytelling... Go to bio
Law Firm: Dewey, Screwem, and Howe

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