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Following the death of his wife, a robotics tycoon isolates himself on an island to grieve. His concerned corporation send a female android to retrieve him but instead they fall in love.



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Year 2090. Matt Gray, a leading billionaire in the area of robotics, suffers the loss of his wife from a car accident after having a strong argument with her. It is isolated from the world on an artificial island in the middle of the ocean where it lives only with its androids.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO in charge of the Matt Corporation, after finding that the company is going through an economic crisis, decides to bring Matt back or force him to resign and sell his shares. To convince him, they try to assess his mental state by sending a young intern; Jake, robot programming expert, and an android; Winie, programmed in the area of psychology for her to determine her mental health.

Matt enrages the decision and is frustrated against the android Winie. She proceeds with the evaluation anyway, and little by little, she begins to have more intimate contact with him, to such an extent that Matt falls in love with her. This causes a series of events that harm the company's actions. The shareholders, in a desperate attempt, decide to take it out at any cost, sending a group of tactical androids to take care of them generating a violent battle on the island with a tragic end.

Submitted: September 26, 2019
Last Updated: March 13, 2020

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The Writer: Wilmer Villanueva

I am a professional in Informatics and education but my passion leans in cinema. I am a writer and screenwriter. I am from Venezuela but I currently reside in Chile. I am in a process of reaching my dream. I know that getting involved in the world of Hollywood is a complicated but not impossible task. I am sure that with determination, discipline and some luck, I will reach my goals. I write scripts for a long time, I prepared and participated in a call in my country. Without any result. I am convinced that the opportunities are out. And there I seek to direct my goals. Go to bio
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