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Adam & Eva

A man wakes up on the beach not knowing how he got there. Discover a girl, fish-like, like the only ones in the place. He soon discovers the reason why it is there.



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Adam is a contractor that works in the area of the renovations of houses. Their life was as simple as boring. It was not married and he lived alone. One day to the awakening he discovers that it was no longer in their daily life but rather he wakes up in a solitary beach, without any memory type it arrived of how until there, and it stops their surprise, it was accompanied by a strange woman with characteristic of fish.

It was very confused and afraid, since it was not explained how it arrived until there and what he was in fact that stranger woman.

Several days they lapse and Adam tries to adapt to the place and its partner who it doesn't trust him, until the woman suffers an attack of a whale and he are able to aid her being able this way to win her trust.

Adam puts her the name from Eva to the woman when seeing that she didn't speak its language and after beginning a trust with her they understand well and they arrive to the romance. Then Adam discovers that they are not in the earth when observing other planets and moons orbiting near the sun.

Adam and Eva are able to conceive a son. A hybrid. And that provokes a visit of a being of another world that she admits him the true reason of the why they are there.

Submitted: May 25, 2019
Last Updated: March 13, 2020

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The Writer: Wilmer Villanueva

I am a professional in Informatics and education but my passion leans in cinema. I am a writer and screenwriter. I am from Venezuela but I currently reside in Chile. I am in a process of reaching my dream. I know that getting involved in the world of Hollywood is a complicated but not impossible task. I am sure that with determination, discipline and some luck, I will reach my goals. I write scripts for a long time, I prepared and participated in a call in my country. Without any result. I am convinced that the opportunities are out. And there I seek to direct my goals. Go to bio
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