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Escaping from the misery of the earth, humanity manages to reach the next centauri, years later, they receive another group of humans who are not well received, causing a confrontation.



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In the year 2755 A.D., the human race begins to suffer great cataclysms and earthquakes that occur very recurrently throughout the planet earth. It is believed that due to global warming, life as we know it, is already reaching its decline. Leaders around the world report that it is time to emigrate to another planetary system.

All nations join forces in the construction of spaceships that make human life possible for long periods in space until they reach the nearest star; Next Centauri, where several exoplanets were discovered with possibilities of harboring life. This odyssey is carried out in 2786, but only twelve ships are built, with fifteen hundred occupants in each of them, with the most recognized scientists, politicians, celebrities and millionaires on the planet, leaving the total population behind . The twelve ships arrive at Next Centauri System in the year 2986 ... two hundred years later. But with other descendants; A fourth generation born in space. These born of space, are those who inherit the new planet, CENTAURI, which turned out to be very generous with water and oxygen, offering diversity in food. New communities emerge in the western continent called Euroasia. Years later, they discovered that they suffered a deadly virus P-16, causing their population to tithe and mainly attacking children. So they lacked children.

But in the year 3000 the new world is affected by the presence of an intergalactic ship that reaches its orbit from the same solar system from which it escaped ... the earth. They concluded that the humans they left behind had the way to escape and also to reach the Next Centauri system.

Centurian humans request a meeting with visiting humans. These will send a scientific and religious courtship. The surprise was that the occupants of the ship are the same as those who left the earth and survived thanks to the development of the hibernation chamber.

After receiving and sharing with them, they determined that they brought the same bad habits as when they lived on earth, so they decided not to allow them to enter the planet Centauri, feeling that their "perfect" lifestyle was being threatened by the chaotic system archaic who lived centuries ago the earth.

Of course, the visitors did not accept the proposal to leave the planet and look for other horizons ... They forcibly entered the planet Centauri triggering a crisis that leads them to an inevitable confrontation between humans.

Submitted: September 28, 2019
Last Updated: November 5, 2020

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The Writer: Wilmer Villanueva

I am a professional in Informatics and education but my passion leans in cinema. I am a writer and screenwriter. I am from Venezuela but I currently reside in Chile. I am in a process of reaching my dream. I know that getting involved in the world of Hollywood is a complicated but not impossible task. I am sure that with determination, discipline and some luck, I will reach my goals. I write scripts for a long time, I prepared and participated in a call in my country. Without any result. I am convinced that the opportunities are out. And there I seek to direct my goals. Go to bio
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