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A comedy about a disgraced Reno road construction worker turned exotic dancer who strikes up a reluctant friendship with the victims of a crash he caused, a bold teen girl and her embittered brother.

In the vein of movies like Little Miss Sunshine and Girl Fight -- Rumble Strips is a modern story set in Reno, Nevada about taking a gamble on family and forgiveness.

NICK (50) Construction worker turned exotic dancer who, despite himself, is befriended by Gil. As she helps him find the confidence to forgive himself, exposed truths force him to decide -- can he forgive others?

GIL (17) Blunt, stubborn, and wiser than her years. She pulls Nick into her world of chessboxing and they grow closer. But in moving on from the past her lies surface. Maybe her motives aren't so selfless?

VINCE (32) Her snarky older brother who was at the wheel in the accident and wants nothing to do with Nick. When they're forced to spend time together Vince sees a way to make up for the shortcomings of the past. He's going to get what he wants but is it worth it?

As their lives become entwined and their true desires are shared Nick, Gil, and Vince question if money is really the change they need. To request a treatment or full script please contact me at

Submitted: March 22, 2018
Last Updated: March 22, 2018
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The Writer: Christiane Fogleboch

Screenwriter. Director. Milky tea maven and coffee zombie (but totally not a snob about it). If artybollocks wrote about me it would say: My work explores the relationship between cinematographic synesthesia and Dogme 95 minimalism with influences as diverse as John McTiernan, Jane Russell, and Kurosawa where new variations on natural filmmaking are synthesized from constructed and discovered discourse. The viewer is left with a hymn to the glass half full outposts of our condition. Fortunately, I can write blah-blah about myself. My genres are comedy and drama. Occasionally I leave those scripts alone in the dark with Barry White playing in the background and when I come back to my desk... Go to bio

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