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Samson Lay Groaning

A First World War officer wakes up in a shell hole, and strikes up an unlikely rapport with an enemy soldier in the next hole along. But can he be trusted? Based on true events.



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'A visceral war short...There was a lot packed into these 14 pages, and I felt the story was successful in its pacing and its action. I felt this script took its time, and yet moved very quickly. That’s a very difficult balance to strike, and you managed to do it with ease.’

Evaluation from BlueCat


Some production notes:

- Four male actors
- Two locations: a shell hole and an empty, muddy field
- None of the things that make war movies expensive (like gunshots, explosions or tanks)

Submitted: April 18, 2020
Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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The Writer: Nick Padmore

I write screenplays. Features, mostly, but also TV pilots and shorts. **Table Read My Screenplay semifinalist 2021** **Bluecat Screenplay Competition quarterfinalist 2021** **Page International Screenwriting Awards quarterfinalist 2020** **Scriptapalooza semifinalist 2020** **Scriptation Showcase quarterfinalist 2020** **Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition finalist 2020** Go to bio

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