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School Hallways

3 friends sit on a school bench. The school shrink wants to evaluate one of them which sets of a nightmare scenario.



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One of my first scripts was about school hallways and a chase there. Then some time ago a director asked me to write him a script and I resused the idea but as I tried to combine too many ideas I felt like that script was not focused enough. This is why I wanted to sit down and just write something with that concept that worked.

This is pretty much an excuse to teach readers a bunch of psychology in a fun way. So let's see if I succeeded or not. The story could be longer. There is a ton of good details about how the brain works but it may be a big technical at times too.

Draft 2: I felt like this script needed some direction somewhere. It was just a plot but it lacked a bit theme if I left it without an ending. So I added 3 more pages and I think it's a much stronger script now. I'm still not sure what this is or if some director somewhere will see something great in it. But it's a tight and fast paced story with few actors and only a few locations.

Submitted: December 18, 2018
Last Updated: December 22, 2018

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The Writer: Jurij Fedorov

Try to read the script descriptions to see if I think the script is great or could use more work. I will rewrite all my old stuff from time to time too. If you read something I wrote I would be very thankful if you could just give me an opinion or rating on the screenplay. I'm trying to remove all my unfinished scripts from this site and really need help doing so. I have a master's degree in psychology and love to add science to my scripts. I like to structure complicated plots that take 2 watches to fully get. Info to directors All my scripts are free. If you really are planing to make a short film and film it well without shaky-cam I'm more than willing to let you film any of my... Go to bio

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