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An unassuming teacher teams up with an artifacts smuggler to track down her "dead" father (his former partner) while staying a step ahead of their old boss - a ruthless black market antiquities dealer.

Sofia Reyes is grieving the loss of her beloved mother to cancer. While clearing out her mother’s closet, she comes across a box of unopened letters...all addressed to her...from the father she had been told died before her birth. Sofia’s Big Adventure follows Sofia from the idyllic Berkshires in Massachusetts to a former logging town in Appalachian West Virginia to Bahía Tortugas in Baja Mexico as she attempts to track down her father. Along the way, she teams up with Cooper, her father’s former partner in artifacts smuggling. Hot on their heels is Grady, a black market antiquities dealer and Cooper’s old boss.

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The Writer: Monique Mata

Monique is a self-taught screenwriter. At the age of six, her family moved from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea. They did not own a television so the local library and drive-in theater were her childhood escape into fantasy worlds from which sprouted a life-long love affair for stories. Monique’s scripts have placed in Screencraft, Sundance, Final Draft and the Nicholl Fellowship. Current projects include a western horror feature and a sci-fi thriller series. She lives in a coastal village in Rhode Island with her husband and three indifferent felines. Go to bio

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