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Five teens on their way to a concert must survive the night when they become trapped in a subway car during a blackout and are attacked by vicious humanoids with a taste for human flesh.

PAIGE, an aspiring photographer and her new boyfriend COOPER sit in a coffee shop, discussing their plans for the evening. Cooper convinces her to go to a laser show at a local theater. Along the way, they run into Cooper’s bonehead friends, SHAWN and JACOB, who happen to be going to the same show and decide to tag along. The four students head into the station, not knowing that the next few hours will be the most terrifying of their lives.

In the train, they meet HALEY, 16-year old girl who is on her way home after an argument with her estranged father CURTIS, who is a burned out detective with the local police. The train’s door closes, but not before letting in a BUM, who makes himself at home on a bench opposite the teens, and warns them that their time is running out.

Not long after they get underway, a storm knocks out the city's power, dragging the express train to a halt in the middle of the tunnel, hundreds of yards from the nearest station. The CONDUCTOR tells them that they can walk with him to a utility station nearby to use a landline phone for assistance. They agree to go with him, despite the bum’s stern warnings to not walk the tunnels. The conductor ignores the bum and opens the doors--he is snatched into the darkness!

The teens quickly realize that they are not alone. Living within the tunnels, just out of sight, is a terrifying secret: Bloodthirsty creatures lurk just outside of the train, hiding within the black. With the emergency lights fading and no means of communication with the
surface, the students make the decision to leave the fleeting safety of the subway car or face certain death once the lights go out.

They make for the utility station using emergency flares they found on the train, which keeps the ravenous humanoids at bay for only a short time before they begin to fade, and the fiends attack. One by one, they are brutally dispatched, leaving Cooper, Paige, Shawn and Haley alive to make it to the utility station. They are only in the station long enough to contact Haley’s father before the dwellers find a way in force them to make a run for the nearest station.

Shawn is killed and Cooper is snatched into the darkness, leaving Paige and Haley to fight their way to to the station. Overwhelmed by the onslaught, Paige uses a pipe to open a gas line. They use their flare to ignite the tunnel, creating a massive fireball!

Paige wakes and pulls herself out of the mess of charred bodies. She finds Haley, and as the paramedics and police arrive and take them to safety, they find Cooper, badly wounded, but still alive. Morning has come, and they are lifted out of the tunnels, to the warmth of daylight.

Later that night, a young girl waits alone at another station. Feeling that she is being watched, she makes for the exit. But before she can react, a dweller grabs her by the ankles and pulls her into the darkness!

I wrote this script in 4 days back in 2007. It garnered interest from Neo Art & Logic Studios in 2008. I haven't posted it in quite a while. It is a lower budget creature feature, with 6 main cast characters, a few supporting characters and extras. Most of the story takes place in the subway station and tunnels. There are a couple of other locations: A coffee shop, inside of a house and outside of a corner store.

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Submitted: September 13, 2016
Last Updated: November 24, 2018

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The Writer: Erik D Griffin

Aspiring Screenwriter. Have been writing since the 80's, decided to start writing for film off and on in 2007. Although I like to write my own original material, I am always ready and willing to do a rewrite or a feature script from an Idea you may have. I have also adapted short stories and novellas into feature film scripts (at the requests of the authors) as well. Currently I am working a full-time job, being a husband and a daddy to two so my life is filled with music and drama lessons, Elementary School homework and diaper changes but I still make the time to sit at my desk and write during any down-time I have (very late nights, very early mornings, weekends). I figure if I keep the... Go to bio

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