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A man battling depression begins having visions of the same demon that his wife saw moments before she died in a tragic accident.

DANIEL BREWER lost his wife in a horrific auto accident six months ago. Within moments of the accident, while he was still lying amongst burning rubble, clutching the love of his life in his arms, he saw it.

To date, it has never attempted to communicate with him, he rarely sees it move, but it is always there, just out of his sight, a villainous speck in the corner of his eye. It haunts him day and night, whether he is sleeping or awake. And it is slowly driving him insane. Daniel has done everything he can to try and find out who or what this mysterious and dreadful beast is that taunts him every moment of his life, to no avail. The only thing he knows is it's name, uttered to him by his wife as she lay dying: "The Rake." she called it. "Beware, The Rake…"

Things quickly begin to grow worse for Daniel. The Rake is beginning to do things it has never done before. It has begun to possess the bodies of the living, using the hapless hosts to continue its torment upon Daniel in a multitude of gruesome ways. And it has slowly started to turn its focus on two of the very few people left in his life that that he actually cares about: His sister CONNIE, who has been trying unsuccessfully for months to help Daniel get back on his feet, and FATHER NANCE, who has known Daniel's family since he was a child, and tries to instill in him that friends, family and God are his only means to salvation.

DR. CHANNING, has been working with Daniel for months, attempting to help alleviate him of his bouts of "extreme hallucination" and thought they were making some progress, until recently when Daniel regressed for no apparent reason. Dr. Channing decides to delve deeper into Daniel's case file, and he makes the chilling discovery that there may actually be a link between an institutionalized man named HARPER MOSS, the one who caused the accident that killed Daniel's wife along with himself, and the enigmatic figure Daniel claims he cannot escape.

After a series of terrifying confrontations between Daniel and his infernal nemesis, including a vicious attack at a child's birthday party and on Father Nance in his church, Daniel decides enough is enough. He decides to make an attempt to gain his life back, first by leaving all of his belongings behind and moving in with his sister to begin anew.

But The Rake has other plans. It confronts Daniel at his apartment and uses Connie to drive him further, push him one final step toward madness. Daniel, now believing that there is only one way to save his sister and end his torment, takes his own life.

Dr. Channing meets Connie just before the funeral of her brother and reveals to her that Harper Moss was also going through a traumatic personal event, and that he too was under the influence of the mysterious Rake creature. And at the funeral, While the priest gives his sermon laying Daniel to rest, Connie sees The Rake, standing there, watching from the distance…

Loosely based on the terrifying urban legend, THE RAKE is the tale of a man's attempt to finally achieve peace in a place where there is none, and hell awaits him around every corner.

This would be the second time I have submitted this script for consideration. There are 6 main cast members and 5 main locations: A diner, A Church, Daniel's Apartment, Connie's home and Dr. Channing's office. The script was trimmed from a larger scale, 120 page epic, to a more personal account of one man's struggle against a spectral enemy.

Submitted: September 7, 2016
Last Updated: April 30, 2017

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The Writer: Erik D Griffin

Aspiring Screenwriter. Have been writing since the 80's, decided to start writing for film off and on in 2007. Although I like to write my own original material, I am always ready and willing to do a rewrite or a feature script from an Idea you may have. I have also adapted short stories and novellas into feature film scripts (at the requests of the authors) as well. Currently I am working a full-time job, being a husband and a daddy to two so my life is filled with music and drama lessons, Elementary School homework and diaper changes but I still make the time to sit at my desk and write during any down-time I have (very late nights, very early mornings, weekends). I figure if I keep the... Go to bio

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