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A spec sequel to The Wicker Man
Research is for the curious, but sometimes it is best to let sleepy islands lie.

A young student, Ella, researching pagan traditions at Oxford, discovers a concealed cryptic message linking the little known island of Summerisle to the disappearance of a police officer some forty-six years ago. Believing that she has found evidence of a Wicker Man sacrifice, Ella must deceive the new Lord Summerisle in order to gain access to the island. Her tutor, Andrew, disheartened from years of fruitless endeavour, agrees to collude with her despite holding the firm belief that there was never any such sacrifice. This belief is borne by the fact he is the illegitimate son of Willow, now landlady of the Green Man on Summerisle, and in their infrequent meetings she had never mentioned such an event. Their deception as a couple engaged to be married garners them an invitation to the Lammas Day celebrations on Summerisle, but their search for The Wicker Man has been engineered from the outset and one of them will become the sacrifice at the Crow Fair.

Submitted: November 21, 2018
Last Updated: November 21, 2018

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The Writer: Alan Fleet

I started out as a novelist and Woollyback was my first novel to be published in July 2000. Two years later this was selected by the UK Film Council for a tutored adaptation at Bournemouth Film School which in turn led to me completing a Masters in Screenwriting in 2006. To date I have made twenty-three short films on a wide variety of topics with costs ranging from zero budget to £10K. Giri won four festival awards and all the films can be seen on YouTube at Alan Fleet Short Films. I have written seven novels, a six-part TV drama and seven feature screenplays, one of which, Summerisle, is a spec sequel to The Wicker Man that Robin Hardy had expressed interest in directing through personal... Go to bio

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