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The Ecstasy

To bring down a corrupt city government, a young lawyer must prove that the arrest of a teacher at a couples sex club was the cause of her suicide; not her alternative lifestyle.



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Steam rises off the blacktop parking lot of a Miami strip mall. News vans are haphazardly parked
beyond the police cruisers lined up in front of The Ecstasy. News reporters and journalist circle
like sharks in bloodied waters. The double glass doors open and two police officers jostle Ron
and Anna Coles into the back of a police cruiser as the media hurls questions at police.
On a coffee shop TV in the lobby of an office building, Jack watches a news reporter interview
one of the outraged parents picketing in front of North Miami High School for the dismissal of a
teacher arrested at a local swingers club.
Preparing to go the benefit dinner for the Mayor’s baseball stadium project, Elizabeth reads the
negative results on a pregnancy test stick, then removes a birth control pill from a packet and
swallows it. As Jack hustles into the bedroom; she hides her birth control pills.
Days later, returning from court Jack finds Ron Coles absently waiting in his reception alcove.
Ron wants to bring a claim against the city for his illegal drug arrest at The Ecstasy’s raid and his
wife’s subsequent suicide. Jack’s forgone conclusion leads him to dismiss Ron’s claim. The
next day Tom Langley, the best man at Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding and personal assistant to
the Mayor, tells him he has relevant information regarding the raid. They plan to meet but Tom
dies in a mysterious car accident.
Jack does some unofficial investigating but runs up against the Blue Code of Silence. Looking
for answers Jack convinces Elizabeth to visit The Ecstasy with him. There they discover the
Mayor’s political opponent in the upcoming election was at the Ecstasy the night of the raid but
left before police arrived, giving motive for the raid. Jack and Elizabeth encounter Nancy
Rodriguez and her husband. Nancy was Jack’s mentor at the firm before she went into private
practice. As the couples become familiar, Elizabeth warms to the possibilities and the couples
engage. Elizabeth’s feverish abandon, results in Jack feeling less than adequate. At home Jack
and Elizabeth have a blowout and Jack shuts down. The next day Elizabeth is threatened at knife
point and sent with a message for Jack to “back off”. The next day Jack inadvertently finds
Elizabeth’s birth control pills. When Jack loses it Elizabeth shows her cards about his pre
wedding sex romp. Jack (defeated) It didn’t mean anything. Elizabeth (ice cold) then why keep it
a secret?
At Tom’s apartment, Jack discovers a recorded conversation between the Mayor, the Police
Chief and a senior partner of the firm, exposing their connection to the raid, Tom’s murder and
Elizabeth’s assault. As he returns home, Jack’s car is relentlessly rammed by a semi until his car
flips and is smashed into the cement pilings of the Over Seas Highway. As Jack crawls out from
the shattered windshield of the overturned wreck, he has one thing in mind, revenge.

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CONCLUSION Based on the strengths of the premise and the current draft, future development is warranted on the project. This development would best start with the structure of the narrative to make sure that the details of the conspiracy are revealed slowly throughout the screenplay to keep the reader engaged. The story would also benefit from adding more danger, which can be used to raise the stakes.
While adjusting the narrative, there is also room to spend more time developing an antagonist's personality (perhaps Mayor Garcia) and that individual's relationship with Jack, the protagonist.
Despite the areas for improvement, The Ecstasy has great potential on a conceptual level and the current draft is at times engaging, in large part thanks to the well-written dialogue. Nice job, and best of luck moving forward!


In the opening teaser we see Ron commit what seems to be a vigilante murder and then get involved in a public outrage story that sees his daughter run away from home and his wife kill herself then the narrative turns to Jack.

There’s a lot of things going well in this script, in particular the intricate plot that’s well-crafted and develops at a nice pace, the read is interested and leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. Jack, the main character, is interesting and feels unique in that he doesn’t fall into the lawyer-with-a-conscience trope.
The dialog is well done throughout and makes good use of subtext, the tone and the situation is consistent without being on-the-nose.
The writing quality is good and there’s a nice confidence to the scenes that deal with legal issues and local Miami politics. The sex club scenes are also well done, feeling genuinely sexy without being gratuitous.
This is something that can be hard to pull off. This was good read with a surprise twist ending. Job well done.

Submitted: September 15, 2019
Last Updated: April 26, 2020

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The Writer: Steve Sherman

I grew up in Dutchess county New York about 75 miles north of NYC. My family bought a farm and opened a Horseback Riding Stable in 1965 and I became a barn hand and a trail guide, by the age of ten I could handle any horse you threw at me. I shod (put horse shoes on) my first horse at the age of fifteen. By the early 1970's we switched to racing and breeding Standardbred horses. I graduated from Arlington Central High School in 1979 and continued within the Standardbred horse racing industry, working for the top horsemen in the Northeast. I became a professional trainer-driver by the age of 21 and won my first pari-mutual race at Monticello raceway that same year. I opened my own public... Go to bio
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Law Firm: The Sherm Firm
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