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When a young woman’s identical twin sister dies of a virulent strain of HIV, she and her sister’s fiancé track down the psychopath intentionally infecting women with the virus.

A ravenous strain of HIV has hit the streets of New York City. Carol’s identical twin sister, Kelly, becomes infected and is quickly consumed. Carol must now decide if she will help Kelly’s fiancé, the man she blames for her sister’s death, trap the psycho killer infecting the city.
Carol Gold’s husband is cheating on her but with a lavish life on the North shore and two young boys to look after she is too deeply invested to face the truth. Carol’s identical twin sister, Kelly, is a nurse who is independent, adventurous and still single. The two sisters clash at a lunch get together where Kelly reveals her alternate lifestyle with her fiancé, Bryan, a struggling artist. At a lifestyle party Kelly becomes infected with HIV. She tells Carol it happened at work. When Carol finds out the truth she blames Bryan. After Kelly dies Carol seeks solace from her husband but he has become distant and jaded. Carol suspects what her conscience already knows. When Carol receives a call confirming her suspicions she is slapped in the face with reality.
Carol decides to help Bryan with his plan to trap Michael, the man he believes infected Kelly. Carol goes with Bryan to the lifestyle party doubling as Kelly. Bryan struggles with his emotions while Carol longs for the intimacy she never had. The two share a moment of reprieve from their pain on the dance floor. Torn by his emotions, Bryan begins to have second thoughts until Michael walks in to the party. Bryan and Carol lure Michael back to the apartment where Bryan renders Michael unconscious. Carol returns home in the early hour to confront her husband while Bryan begins to extract the truth about what Michael did to Kelly the night at the club as Michael’s security entourage/henchmen begin to search for him. The next evening Carol returns to the apartment to find Bryan gone and Michael bloodied, beaten and unconscious. When Bryan returns Carol hides and silently listens to Bryan’s heated and heart wrenching final grilling of Michael. At the last second Michael’s security henchmen break in, savagely stabbing Bryan, and rescue Michael. Carol calls 911.
At Carol’s home on Long Island Bryan recovers from his wounds when Michael and his henchmen pay a visit. Michael turns the table on Bryan making him the bound captive as he prepares to demonstrate what he did to Kelly on Carol. Carol then takes down Michael and his henchmen.

In the closing scene we see Carol in a small apartment getting ready to go to Bryan’s art show. At the show Carol tells Bryan she is going back to law school. In the final shot in front of Kelly’s portrait Carol gives him back Kelly’s engagement ring.

“Deadly Encounter” Is a tale of enlightenment and revenge. It’s a fatalistic tale of a woman’s transition from dependence to independence.

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Bluecat and Scriptapalooza Quarter finalist



Moving through the underworld of NYC’s sensual clubs, DEADLY INTENTIONS is a drama that examines human emotions in the wake of sudden death from AIDS. The script presents some strong subject matter, and it carries this weight fairly well without becoming heavy-handed.

While the script shows real potential as a lower budget drama, there are a few issues that are running through the script that detract from the script’s impact. The majority of these issues are minor, yet they culminate toward the end of the script.

We enjoyed the relationship you built between Carol and Bryan.
The fact that Carol is an identical twin is an ingenious complication.
It’s clear that you have a solid understand of story and structure.

Submitted: September 14, 2019
Last Updated: April 26, 2020

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The Writer: Steve Sherman

I grew up in Dutchess county New York about 75 miles north of NYC. My family bought a farm and opened a Horseback Riding Stable in 1965 and I became a barn hand and a trail guide, by the age of ten I could handle any horse you threw at me. I shod (put horse shoes on) my first horse at the age of fifteen. By the early 1970's we switched to racing and breeding Standardbred horses. I graduated from Arlington Central High School in 1979 and continued within the Standardbred horse racing industry, working for the top horsemen in the Northeast. I became a professional trainer-driver by the age of 21 and won my first pari-mutual race at Monticello raceway that same year. I opened my own public... Go to bio
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