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The Fantastic Rocket

Transformers meets the Time Machine with a dash of the ‘Rocketeer - but with a dragonfly!



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‘The Fantastic ‘Rocket’ is about a young girl SAM (9) who has an ambition to one day be a writer - she lives by a peaceful, picturesque lake in the mountains, this is one of her stories.

It's all a pretty magical existence until one day her friend is involved in a traffic accident. If he survives at all he may never be the same again. He faces a very different life than he had known before, all at the whim of a passing car grill. There are not many positions on the lake for a disabled Dragonfly. How can she help him? She has an idea to restore him back to full health, maybe even better than he was before.

Sam enlists the help of her contraption mad Grandfather and all his techno skills, he also has lots of spare parts from his glory days at the Aero-Space factory! The result is a very special Dragonfly!

Transformers meets the Time Machine with a dash of the ‘Rocketeer.’ Check the short teaser below?

Submitted: September 29, 2020
Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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The Writer: Mark Millicent

From the UK midlands now residing in Los Angeles US - I like to write comedy but pretty much anything that I find interesting is fair game - I storyboard most of my scripts - as a day job I'm a professional storyboard artist for movies and commercials. A few short films shot and several scripts completed, some UK/US options and awards now and again. US 800 Art Directors Guild member. Go to bio
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