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Fizzy Days

A couple of lads quest for two tricked mopeds because 'Everybody knows if you’ve got the right ride you can pull the birds!'



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The proposed feature project as it stands has- Budgets, both line and production + investor- docs- full complete storyboards - recoupment schedules- UK national media, sourced locations - exposure - Google 'Fizzy Days.’ It ran as a comic strip in a MCN a National syndicated UK publication-for three years.

Fizzy Days is a small 'gritty' slice of summer in the UK of the early seventies. The music was massive the mopeds even bigger! The troubles in Northern Ireland mirrored the carnage that was being wrought on the UK's roads at the time-so much so the government regulated against it. Both in the UK and the oft televised 'Irish troubles’ at their height in the early 70’s lives were being lost at an alarming rate. It was a time of turmoil & contrast. Fizzies were massive in the UK at this time!

The regulated ‘safe’ moped era was born for two short years in an effort to stem the heavy carnage being wrought on the UK highways. The glam rock era colored that time, the music played against the dark depression of early 1970s. The power cuts and strikes. The colorful little machines were a part of that moment—almost an antidote! But also a lethal one in the inexperienced hands of the novice riders of the time.

It's a coming of age comedy heist caper set against the backdrop of the north of England-when getting your wheels was the most important thing ever, you would do what ever it took to get them! The biggest Job in town was to rob the local supermarket, but do it Big-time. Eddy Cox and his gang of cohorts set about the case in an effort to raise funds for two wheeled transport the plan, to copycat a spate of recent local robberies.
In the states you could get a driving license at sixteen. In the UK the only form of transport open to you was a 'moped'—they were your ‘Fizzy Days’ Eddy eventually lets go of his goal to save his gay brother from incarceration - at a time when society was not quite as free as it is now-but of course its not all not without complications.

The glam rock era and the music played against the dark depression of the early 1970s. You were in a band or you rode a motorbike. There was a UK band more popular than Queen, the Stones, Bowie, and T.Rex at the time: They were a rock combo called Slade: Juxtapose those tunes with the 1940s Jazz of Lew Stone and Ray Noble (the Bowie of his time) and you have an interesting mix of music. The power cuts and the coal strikes. The colorful little machines were a part of a moment, a movement—almost an antidote! But also a lethal one in the inexperienced hands of novice riders.

‘Everybody knows if you’ve got the right ride you can pull the birds!

The era, the bikes and the time still have a tremendous following in the UK . At sixteen years old if you were a British youth of the time, your passport to freedom, independence and the open road, was your wheels. The ultimate goal for hundreds of thousands of teenagers of the day was the Yamaha FS1E the ‘FIZZY,' the best sports moped of them all! Why? Because every body knows if you’ve got the right ride you can pull the birds!

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Semi-finalist Zoetrope script comp.

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Submitted: September 19, 2020
Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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The Writer: Mark Millicent

From the UK midlands now residing in Los Angeles US - I like to write comedy but pretty much anything that I find interesting is fair game - I storyboard most of my scripts - as a day job I'm a professional storyboard artist for movies and commercials. A few short films shot and several scripts completed, some UK/US options and awards now and again. US 800 Art Directors Guild member. Go to bio
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