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The Grand

Fresh out of college, a newly pregnant couple drain their savings to become landlords to wack-job tenants — one of whom might be a killer clown.



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Maybe buying a run-down apartment building in the worst part of town from your pregnant girlfriend's shady cousin isn't the best idea. For starters, he was unloading it because he owed the mob a ton of money. Makes you wonder how he even had the property in the first place. Second, as a recent college grad living off the money his grandfather left him, wouldn’t Dave have been better off investing in a nice house in the suburbs or paying off his student loans? Hell, flushing the money down the toilet would have been a better investment. Definitely less paperwork.

But here we find Dave and his girlfriend Sarah. A baby wasn't really in their plans, but the surprise was welcome news...well, mostly for Sarah. The thought of daycare, clothing, extra food, and a college fund overwhelmed Dave -- so, when presented with the opportunity to purchase an apartment building at a whopping discount, Dave jumped on it. No, he didn't mean to purchase a building on the wrong side of town. He's not dumb. Careless, maybe. He put the wrong address in the GPS and thought he was buying something nicer. Oops. Happens to everyone, right?

Moving day arrives and Dave and Sarah realize they’ve bought the biggest shit-hole in the crappiest part of town. “A real fixer-upper,” an optimistic realtor would say. Sarah is as good a sport as any pregnant woman would be in a crazy stressful situation; she doesn't kill Dave. That counts!

Dave learns the fun part of being a landlord is meeting the tenants. And one can imagine the cast of characters living in this building. People like a nurse moonlighting as a dominatrix, a cat lady who doesn't speak, and a disabled war vet who isn't all that he seems. Oh, and did I mention the clown in #4?

The struggle is real for this not-so-power couple and both Dave's and Sarah’s mental and physical abilities are about to be pushed to the limit. Pregnancy aches and pains. Financial problems with a dilapidated building. Stress beyond belief. Oh, and a serial killer terrorizing the city. Welcome to The Grand!

Notes: The Grand was co-written with Zach Witt. Series Bible available on request.

Submitted: October 7, 2021
Last Updated: October 11, 2021

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The Writer: Lesley Harter

My life often sounds like fiction to those who weren't there. My mom was an ex-starlet, my dad a politician, and yes, there was a lot of speculation about her past and his future. As it turned out, my dad wasn't going to have much of a future; he died when I was seven. A few months later, my mother changed the course of her future and mine by moving us to Europe and, eventually, marrying an Italian prince. ​I was seventeen when I returned to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. Within months I had dropped out of college and, with little funds and even less desire to get a job, I found myself living in the city’s grittiest neighborhoods; replacing my ‘finishing school’ friends with hookers, junkies... Go to bio

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