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The Llanos

As authorities pursue them across the Colombian Llanos, four ayahuasca traffickers encounter a macabre legend.



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1812, Colombia - Quin Villota and his father, Lautaro, are royalist caudillos in support of Spanish rule. Running one of the largest cattle farms in the llanos, they are contracted to supply the Spanish army with meat and horsemen.

As the rebels begin to hijack Villota's meat shipments and kill his llaneros, Quin counters the problem. He has any captured rebels butchered and made into poisoned decoy shipments. Quin's seventeen year-old son and experienced cattle butcher, William, is assigned this gruesome task.

William discovers his father's infidelity one evening and alerts his mother, Shary. The violent episode ends with both Shary and Quin's mistress dead. Quin is brutally killed and then cannibalized by William.

Lautaro learns of William's demonic act and has him punished mercilessly. Practicing a powerful Afro-Brazilian religion, Lautaro curses William to an eternity of roaming the llanos with a hunger for human organs.

Present Day, Colombia - Drug traffickers Coke and Donzel usa a steam-distill to make several gallons of vapable ayahuasca oil. En route to meet their girlfriends (Josefa and Dixie) to hike the llanos, they begin shipping the ayahuasca to the U.S. disguised as cases of rum.

Inspector Vittoria Millan becomes aware of the group's trafficking and brings a tactical police unit to pursue them into the llanos. Both parties soon enter the former Villota Estate, breaking a wave of brutality.

Submitted: October 12, 2019
Last Updated: May 6, 2021

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The Writer: Andrew Liebig

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