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A comic book shop owner, caught in a moral dilemma, is faced with the consequences of his actions.

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A comic book shop owner, caught in a moral dilemma, is faced with the consequences of his actions.

For most youngsters, comic books are a rite of passage.  A whiling away of the awkward years before the onset of teenage shenanigans. 

Not so for chubby 16-year-old Marcel Stewart.  For Marcel, each carefully inked panel is a window to the soul of adventure itself.  So when Marcel lands a job at his local comic book store, it’s more than just a paycheck.  It’s a sworn duty.

I, Marcel Stewart, as a trusted representative of Champion Comics.

Do solemnly vow to uphold the dignity and integrity in which our customers expect.

Do solemnly vow to uphold the dignity and integrity in which our customers expect.

So help me god.

So help me god.

Cut to twenty years later and Marcel is running the show.  A little older and heavier; a touch jaded even as twenty years in customer service are wont to do. But Marcel has never lost sight of that guiding principle.

That was until he found himself holding a 1939 copy of Detective Comics #29 (in a 4.5 condition no less).

A musty old comic to the casual observer, but to those in the know (those like Marcel) this is the holy grail of ink and paper.  

Marcel freezes, not believing his own eyes.

England’s Crown Jewels. The Mona Lisa. A Guttenberg bible. The necklace the old lady from Titanic wore. This beats them all hands down. The very first appearance of the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the one and only... BATMAN.

And Marcel is holding the book in his very hands. 


Rose admires a heroic statuette. Inquires...

So, see anything of value yet?

The problem is, this particular Detective Comics #29 belongs to the sweet and unassuming Rose Chance, merely looking to clear out her late father’s estate.

With the words of his mentor ringing in his ears, Marcel is forced to make a choice.  Little does he know that some oaths are not to be broken...

Ron Houghton’s The Oath serves up a tale of greed and redemption as told through one man’s love of comics.  A handful of characters and some fairly straightforward locations could see this quirky tale brought to life on a shoestring.  A great short script for any filmmaker searching for their next project.

Review by Steve Miles
Submitted: December 9, 2016
Last Updated: October 25, 2019

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The Writer: Ron Houghton

An avid cinephile, and former film critic. In recent years I have discovered a passion for screenwriting. In recent years I have been fortunate to have five of my short scripts optioned, with four currently in production. In between work and life, I am currently working on two ambitious television spec sricpts. One about silent Hollywood and another set after an apocalyptic event. Please feel free to contact me at - - regarding any comments or inquiries. Go to bio

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