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The Three Horsemen

When Pestilence, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, accidentally cures himself out of existence right before Armageddon, the other three need to work fast and find a replacement before their boss Lucifer finds out.



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In an ordinary suburb of Münster, four mythical creatures live and wait for an important event - the day of the Apocalypse. They may look like nothing more than your old-fashioned, gawky neighbors, but they are none other than the Biblical Four Horsemen. The Horsemen exist for a single task – to destroy the world. Secretly tough, they each have desires and aspirations that don't match the ominous mythology: War wants to become a drummer, Famine craves to have his own cooking show, Death yearns to make friends, and Pestilence… well, Pestilence is gone.

Gifted chemist, Pestilence accidentally creates a panacea and cures himself out of existence one month before the Apocalypse, leaving the other three in a pickle. They must find a replacement before the Apocalypse Project Manager Regina and their boss Lucifer find out. If they fail – they will be fired. Still, the task is no easy matter for our technologically-challenged Horsemen, and they encounter more dead ends than victories. When they do manage to find a suitable candidate, Death accidentally kills him. After that incident, they must turn to modern methods – including the Internet, apps, and networking events – but each attempt leaves them worse off than before.

When they fail to proceed with the advice given them by the Three Fates, who also happen to live in the neighborhood, the worst possible thing occurs. After centuries, Hades, the forgotten "Fifth Horsemen," re-joins the group as Regina’s spy. Typically left behind due to being the most obnoxious being in the universe, in the end, Hades will save our heroes and trigger a tear-jerking reconciliation. After that, things get even better, as the right candidate - Lucy Skyborne - turns up at their doorstep. They must now train her to become one of them. Lucy seems to be a perfect fit for the New Pestilence - she performs the preparatory evil deeds with ease. But what the Horsemen don’t know is that she’s actually a secret agent from Heaven who's here to deter them from carrying out the Apocalypse...

With Lucy's crafty guidance, the Horsemen realize that the only way for them to achieve their personal dreams -and save Death from non-existence- is to sabotage the Apocalypse. But to do that, they must stand against hordes of demons and beasts, Lucifer, Regina, and (worst of all) Hell's bureaucracy itself. Equipped with a colossal bureaucratic loophole that could derail the Apocalypse, the Horsemen and Lucy set forth to the final coordination meeting in Hell. But there, they discover an unforeseen twist – a new set of Horsemen from the human world have already been hired to replace them. Our Horsemen confront their substitutes in a final battle of wits... and fail miserably.

Having lost their powers, our Horsemen are banished to live on Earth as mortals. In Season 2, we meet them having already achieved their personal dreams. When the new date for the Apocalypse is set, they'll turn to Heaven to help them stop the end of times.

Submitted: June 30, 2022
Last Updated: July 22, 2022

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The Writer: Agne Serpytyte

Agnė Šerpytytė is a Lithuanian screenwriter currently residing in Bremen, represented by Papercuts Agency. She had worked in marketing, manufacturing, and space industries in different countries around the world before she finally went for her lifelong dream of becoming a screenwriter. Her projects were finalists in various European and international screenplay competitions (Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards 2019, NEM Zagreb TV writing contest 2019, 2020 and 2022, Golden Script Competition 2019, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, TSL Screenplay Contest 2022). Agne is currently working on series and film projects with Red Pony Pictures/Saxonia Media, Odeon Fiction, Hager Moss, DRIVE Beta... Go to bio
Agency: Papercuts Agency
Agent: Marinus Viktor

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