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A single mother struggles with the loss of her children's estranged father, and the prospect of the tainted wealth that he appears to have left them.

Tommy, a businessman with an exceptionally questionable professional past, wants to end his estrangement from his two sons. He reaches out to his ex-wife, Anna, to make amends, but before he has a chance to meet them again he has a tragic accident, leaving her to contemplate the tainted wealth she stands to receive and how to protect her two sons from it.

It also stars two bereaved parents, a gold digger, a psychotic Russian, and a Peacock, called Pedro.

This is episode 1 in the series, but I've added a pitch doc/preliminary bible to the back of the script for further info.

Submitted: April 26, 2017
Last Updated: May 1, 2019
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The Writer: Cam Gray

Surreal comedies are my release, but everyone else seems to like my dramas so I've put them up here for the sensible readers... Recently graduated from the London Film School and I'm now attempting to get some of these wonderful pieces of work out there into the real world. If you're keen on any of them, or actually have comments and thoughts (they're genuinely always welcome), let me know. Current masterpieces include a drama that stars a peacock and a single mother, a short about the apocalypse that stars a talking blue dot, a couple of shorts inspired by the refugee crisis in Europe, and a shortish pilot about politics that I'm quite proud of. Random Instagram account @iwriteimages With... Go to bio

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