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A young refugee fights to survive a storm in the Mediterranean sea, but his real struggle rests on shore with his saviour.

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A young refugee fights to survive a storm in the Mediterranean sea,
but his real struggle rests on shore with his saviour.

A treacherous nighttime storm rages in the Strait of Sicily.

"Towering waves cut through a dark sea... and a violent wind swirls in the air. A bolt of lightning streaks through the air and for a brief instance reveals moving walls of water..." 

In Cam Gray's emotional screenplay, Plight, the scenario is dire. For scattered in the water "lie the pummeled remains of a wooden boat" -- and a panicked 7-year-old Libyan boy named Tareq.

Clinging to his teddy bear and struggling to keep his head above the waves, Tareq screams for help. There's no answer. But when lightning strikes again and illuminates the area, Tareq spots a tattered blue cooler floating in the water. 

By daylight Tareq is adrift on the cooler in a calmer sea, and now able to ride over the waves. He's more determined and shares his optimism with his teddy bear, Abu.

(In Libyan Arabic, subtitled)
Momma and Pappa haven’t come to
find us yet, but they will. They
had Aya with them, I saw them
together when the boat broke apart.
They will keep her safe.

Night falls again, and Tareq is soon shivering from the cold. But in the distance, he catches a glimpse of yellow light. And with it -- the sound of a ship's motor.

His rescuer, 60-year-old Italian fisherman Salvatore Cannizzaro, wraps the boy in a towel and hands Tareq a cup with hot coffee. 

(In Italian, subtitled)
It’s been an hour and you still 
haven’t said a word, not even a 
thank you! Why won’t you talk? What
is your name? What are you doing
out here with a teddy and a cooler box?

Tareq warms his hands over the steaming coffee. Frustrated by the boy's silence, Salvatore persists:

Where’s the gratitude? I know 
you’re scared but you could at 
least tell me what the hell you 
were doing out there.
Fine, keep quiet. I have to fish, 
then I’ll take you to land come sunrise.

When Salvatore throws his hands up and turns to leave, Tareq finally speaks --

(In Libyan Arabic, subtitled)
Tareq. My name is Tareq al-Libi.

Salvatore immediately recognizes Tareq's language and realizes, much to his dismay, the boy has come from Libya. And most likely, Tareq's family is "resting at the bottom of the sea."

Will Salvatore help the young refugee? 
Plight is a riveting and timely story, resonating with hope and angst for both Tareq and Salvatore. 

If you're a director who can confidently navigate through waves of controversy, Plight is for you! The story's ending is guaranteed to initiate heated conversations in its aftermath. 

Review by KP Mackie
Submitted: December 18, 2018
Last Updated: October 30, 2019

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The Writer: Cam Gray

Surreal comedies are my release, but everyone else seems to like my dramas so I've put them up here for the sensible readers... Recently graduated from the London Film School and I'm now attempting to get some of these wonderful pieces of work out there into the real world. If you're keen on any of them, or actually have comments and thoughts (they're genuinely always welcome), let me know. Current masterpieces include a drama that stars a peacock and a single mother, a short about the apocalypse that stars a talking blue dot, and a shortish pilot about politics that I'm quite proud of. Director and co creator of the Ian's Gone Postal podcast - Director and... Go to bio

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