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Traitors is a save-the-girl action spy movie set in London as an American must outwit MI6, the CIA, and rogue former KGB agents to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend.



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TOM “HAWK” HAWKINS is a sound engineer who recently won a patent lawsuit over his invention of fiber thread microphone devices. He was sued by his previous employer – the US Navy. While on business in London with his new client, the Washington D.C. Symphony, he unknowingly triggers forgotten cold war listening devices. In the confusion, former KGB agents kidnap his new girlfriend, CHEN Li, while the couple are on a lunch date. Chen is a world-renowned cellist who is set to perform for the Royal family.

MI6 is alerted of the abduction at the same time they discover alarms going off on their 20-year-old tracking devices tied to an unsolved case – Operation Sugar Dog. DIANA SPEARS is assigned the case and she asks the London office of the CIA to bring Hawk in for information on the abduction. She also visits and reinstates a former agent, COLIN YATES to return and help on his old case. Yates was fired years ago for drinking and Diana is the one who ratted him out.

Hawk had a high-level security clearance in his file, so MI6 and the CIA share facts on the Russians with him. However, a deeper background check changes everything. There is a Navy classified incident report on Hawk – he used his martial arts skills to save a woman from rape but killed the attacker bare-handed. He is considered a loose cannon and the CIA is instructed to seize Hawk’s invention and deport him home. Hawk outwits the CIA, escapes, and sets out on his own mission to find the Russians and save the girl.

While tracking the Russians with his listening devices, Hawk runs into Yates who wants to stick it to Diana for ruining his career. The two make an alliance and set plans in place. The Russians are located in a safe house and Hawk attempts a one-man raid that fails, but more is learned. The Russians are searching for an English agent that double-crossed them, and they believe Yates to be that enemy. One of the Russians is the Ambassador to England and is a crafty operator.

During the cat and mouse games that follow, the CIA tracks and attempts to capture Hawk, but his fighting skills are too much for the American agents. Hawk and Yates eventually take their findings to Diana at MI6 and an “exchange” is arranged. Snipers are on standby with Yates as bait, but the swap fails miserably when the CIA interferes and successfully captures Hawk.

Yates is fired again for drinking. He finds Hawk’s listening gear and locates where Hawk is being held by the CIA. Yates uses a tow truck to ram the military transport vehicle and to free Hawk.

Hawk and Yates are desperate and abduct the Russian Ambassador. They contact his right-hand man and insist on another exchange. During the rendezvous, the Ambassador attempts to escape and is killed by Hawk. Yates is disguised as the Ambassador and Hawk successfully defeats the Russian captor and saves Chen Li. The CIA agent in charge is evicted from England and the concert for the Royals takes place on time.

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2020 Quarter Finalist ISA Emerging Screenwriter's Competition

Submitted: November 18, 2020
Last Updated: November 18, 2020

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The Writer: Jason Furrate

Jason Furrate is a writer-director in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He owns Media Furrate, a video production and photography business serving the Gulf South Region. In 2010, he released the 93-minute feature film, LA-308 Assassin Redemption , a micro-budget feature shot on the Louisiana coast. The film was featured at the Louisiana International Film Festival in 2014 and one of the lead actors, Jerry Leggio, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event. The film is on Amazon and Apple. Jason completed the 109-page spy-action screenplay, Traitors , in 2020 and it was recently a Quarter-Finalist in the 2020 ISA Emerging Screenwriter’s competition. The budget is too large for a limited... Go to bio