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A South African Astrophysicist, with a crackpot theory, sends a crew of NASA's rejects on a top secret mission to probe Uranus.

Uranus is a dark comedy in the vein of 'Last Man On Earth' and 'The Orville', sprinkled with the raunchier humor of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'.

This is the story of a team of NASA’s bottom-of-the-barrel cast offs, sent on an invasive exploratory mission by a discredited South African Scientist with a crackpot theory, all in dire need of redemption. The crew must prove the validity of the planet Uranus as the future destination for mankind, in spite of its gassy and dangerously unstable atmosphere. However, there is a greater mystery at hand, and one young and ambitious journalist is determined to uncover the conspiracy.

URANUS is a half-hour limited series balancing comedy with a science fiction narrative that
grounds diverse, dynamic characters in a universe with a fun, familiar overarching plot based on
a well known real-world government conspiracy theory.

Thematically, Uranus is a voyage and return story asking 'how far are we willing to go to for the
sake of redemption'. A mystery, at its core, wrapped in fast paced, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Sci-Fi/Comedy genre has recently proven successful in television, as well as on the big screen.
In addition to the Seth Macfarlane-helmed series,The Orville, Netflix has announced its comedy
series Space Force from creators Steve Carell & Greg Daniels.

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"Uranus is as solidly professional as they come." ~ TVWriter People's Pilot Competition 2019

COVERAGE from BlueCat Screenplay Competition (2019 Quarter Finalist)
"Balancing science fiction and comedy is no easy task, and Uranus does a great job of using both genres to its advantage. The tone of the pilot is the most incredible part - it feels similar to Will Forte's Last Man on Earth, with flashes of the raunchier humor of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with a science fiction narrative that grounds the characters and their humorous dynamics in a universe that has a fun overarching plot to carry for at least a season, if not a series. It's episodic and dynamic, with well-written characters that exist in a well-established world.

The writer also does a great job of using the setting, such as the Uranus probe, to motivate comedy. It's refreshing, and exemplifies the quality of the writing, that the schtick of "Uranus" isn't overused. A lesser writer would rely on the "Uranus" bit until it feels repetitive and bland, but each instance of "Uranus" as a dirty joke feels motivated. The writer doesn't let the gag that will be used throughout the series get tired before the show has even started.
The narrative shifts feel, for the most part, organic and natural to the progression of the story, rather than feeling like some omniscient force is carving out the plot.

This writer really has a knack for dialogue and setting, as well as, effective pun-work and naming character. Little details like the characters names add a really effective meta layer to the perverse and pointed comedy."

Submitted: June 5, 2019
Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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The Writer: Langley McArol

<Available for punch-ups and punch-outs, but never punch-downs> OH! Hello. Didn't see you there! Welcome. These? These are just a few of my personal favorite spec Television Pilots, shorts, and features in various drafts, written by votre sinceremnt. That's "yours truly" for the lay person. I'm a screenwriter (and longtime actor) with a penchant for dark comedy, the random and ridiculous, and "lovable loser" characters. I've written over a dozen spec TV pilots ( not all comedy ), a few features, several shorts, and dabble in sketch comedy. I have been an inconsistently working actor for two decades and have produced and directed a handful of short films, plays, and spec commercials as... Go to bio

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