You Destroy Me



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A man sits beside a woman on a bench, but he gradually scoots away from her. When the offended woman questions his actions, it leads to a series of bitter insults which arouses them both.

1 location.

3 actors.

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Remember the cheesy line from Jerry Maguire: ‘you complete me’?

The world of ‘You Destroy Me’ may not be that romantic. But who needs romance when you have lust!

On your mark, and get set – to meet protagonists Max and Grace. They’re two strangers in a park, minding their own business and enjoying lunch.

That is, until the twin forces of repulsion and attraction rear their ugly heads.

Try as they might to ignore each other, this odd couple just can’t help but exchange insults.

You know what they say about guys with big noses.

Yeah. They’re ugly and stupid.

Bringing up a subtle point. No, not about the dimension of noses and quasi-stubby anatomical parts.

Rather, that love and hate are separated by a fine line. A line Max and Grace prove more than happy to cross. Think Pitch Perfect mixed with Bumper and Fat Amy: that’s the gist of the chemistry these two share.

As Max and Grace’s insults spiral out of control, the groping starts – actions so intimate that passersby stop and stare.

When it comes to love and ware, everything is fair. Abandon peace and give love/hate a chance. Especially when it comes to this script. It’s fun. Witty. And sure to win over even the most spiteful fans.

Pages: 7

Budget: Low – easy to cast and set in one location, this is an easy short to shoot. 4 actors – 2 guys, 2 gals. That’s it.

Review by Elaine Clayton

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The Writer: Jason K. Allen

Jason K. Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, TN. He is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer and published author. Allen has won Best Screenplay honors at the San Diego Film Awards, Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest, Milledgeville Film Festival, TSA Screenwriting Awards, Video Hackers Film Fest and Artlightenment Film Festival among others, and is a seven-time finalist of the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. His scripts have also been finalists in the prestigious ScreenCraft and ScriptVamp international competitions. His writing credits include the feature film Lucky Fritz (starring Julia Dietze and Corey Feldman) and the award-winning short films The... Go to bio

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