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Necessary Evil - But At What Cost?

Necessary Evil
A child must commit a terrible crime to keep an even greater atrocity from occurring.

If you had the opportunity to go back in time, where and when would you go, and who would you engage with? Would it be family? Would it be a person you’ve always wanted to meet? Someone you admire. Or, someone you detest? Would you do it to enrich yourself, or would you do it to commit a horrific act in the name of altruism?

Adam Rocke’s powerful short screenplay, ‘Necessary Evil’ contemplates the profound morality of going back in time to rid the world of a ubiquitous abomination before its inception. Or, think of it as the reverse of the ‘Terminator’… instead of killing off the savior of mankind (John Connor), they were terminating a pernicious person who would eventually poison the world with their hateful rhetoric.

No. Not that guy. The other guy.

The story starts with a young girl scoping out a school yard, where a set of similar-aged kids are milling around, playing marbles, smoking cigarettes… and speaking German. Clearly we’ve gone back in time.

The girl notices a young boy standing on his own near a fence. Seemingly a loner, disinterested in playing with others. She approaches the kid and entices him to play a game with her that involves going into the woods… away from the others.

How come you’re not playing?

Games are stupid.

Depends on the game.  I know one you’ll like.

Show me.

Not here.  Come.

The kids go deeper into the woods before the girl stops and fetches something hidden under some foliage next to a tree. What happens next is both gruesome and fascinating.

Rocke’s script is not afraid to make big, bold decisions that will elicit discomfort from an audience. It will force them to ask questions of what they would do, if in a similar situation. Having a film (of any length) provoke contemplation from its viewers is something challenging to pull off as a writer. However, Rocke had achieved this rare accomplishment to great effect.

A nascent filmmaker seeking something small, yet provocative to cut their teeth on, couldn’t ask for more. A ‘Necessary Evil’ is a necessary must-consider from any up-and-coming director looking to make a splash at film festivals.

The Script

Necessary Evil

A child must commit a terrible crime to keep an even greater atrocity from occurring.

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