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After his wife and son are kidnapped, a Chicago lawyer is given a series of horrific tasks to complete in order to get his family back from a sadistic kidnapper.

Logan Matthews, a prosecuting lawyer in Chicago, is working on a case to put renowned mobster, Jimmy Brennan, behind bars for the rest of his life. That evening, Brennan’s Consigliere, Walter Moran, comes to his house with a briefcase full of money. He tells Logan that, if Jimmy Brennan goes free, he’ll be a rich man. Logan slams the door in his face. The next day, Logan receives a phone call from Walter who informs him that they have kidnapped Logan’s family and the only way to get them back is for Logan to complete a series of tasks for them. If he fails, they will be killed.

Logan’s first task takes him to an abandoned lock-up where he’s forced to fire a gun into a large steel box. When he opens it, what he finds inside horrifies him. Later, on the freeway, a noise in the trunk of Logan's car prompts him to pull over. Nothing prepares him for what he finds in the trunk. When a Patrolman pulls up to find out why Logan’s there, he too discovers what's in the trunk and tries to arrest him but is accidentally killed, allowing Logan to escape, unaware that the camera in the Patrolman’s car recorded everything. Detective Sarah Hooper, a woman struggling with alcoholism and depression after surviving a fatal car crash during a high speed pursuit, is assigned to the case. After reviewing security footage from the car of the dead patrolman, Sarah identifies Logan’s vehicle and realizes he’s talking to someone on his earpiece. She makes arrangements to get Logan’s phone records.

For his next task, Logan is forced to rendezvous with a psychopathic pimp called Darnell Patton, at an old boatyard. When Logan arrives, a shootout ensues resulting in Logan being wounded and captured by the unhinged Darnell, who takes him back to his trailer and brutally tortures him. Logan manages to get free and barely escapes with his life. As Walter tells Logan only one more task remains, Detective Sarah Hooper returns to her empty house, burnt out after a long day, completely unaware that SHE is the subject of Logan's final task and that all the previous tasks are connected...

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The Writer: David Stokes

Hey fellow writers! I'm David and I'm a screenwriter based in the West Midlands in the UK. I'm represented by The Narrow Road Company in London, England. So, a little about my work. At present, I have one produced feature film, that I co-wrote, entitled "THE HELLIONS" which will be released later in 2017. I have written, produced and co-directed a short film called "TRUST" which is currently being distributed by two companies the US. I have also written another short film which will be released later on in 2017 (which I can't tell anyone the name yet... I've been ordered not to. Sorry about that). As for me, I've always been creative, I've always written and it's always been a little... Go to bio
Agency: The Narrow Road Company
Agent: Richard Ireson