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Gary Piazza Sees "Red Scarlet" Picked Up

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Gary Piazza who's script "Red Scarlet" had been picked up by Noirtainment and added to their development slate for 2022 with release anticipated in 2023. The feature length vampire thriller set in modern times about a sassy vampiress who's recruited into the vampire world and takes on a notorious sex/human trafficking ring will be directed by Miranda Spigener with Gary also co-producing and Allie Escaffi already attached. 

About The Writer

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Gary Piazza is an award winning writer/producer/filmmaker residing in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing and shooting videos in high school back in the 80's and never looked back.

Graduated from the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute in 1993 after completing 6 years in the Navy. An independent professional photographer/videographer/screenwriter with a passion for film, filmography, and the writing process with more than 30 years in the field. An award winning screenwriter,...Read more