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9th WEST

A jew, a muslim , and a Christian have all the answers to the Middle East's problems at a psych ward in Chicago.



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true story

A Pakistani Muslim Imam, an Indian Christian preacher, and a Rabbi have all the solutions for the middle Eastern problems if it weren't for the New York successful mentally ill Jewish producer and hsi ultraconservative Rabbi father who wants to pluc him out away from the heathans into a life of manual labor on a Kibutz in Israel
However, none can have it their way because of the constant interference of the zany characters including a shemale with a Rio De Janeiro carnival outfit,, which draws fire from the Christian preacher as well as the Muslim mam who are trying their best to conceal their lust for the transvestite she male.
Suddenly the clash of cultures and values comes to a boiling point in a pressured steamy hot ( sexual and other wise) environment a pressure cooker with everyone boiling inside it and no relief in sight.
This pilot is intended as launching pad for episodes to come each detailing every characters struggles and attempt to assimilate and co-exist in today's Chicago Illinois USA.
9th WEST is based on my stay in 6th East a psych ward in Chicago and my friendship with Avram a successful Jewish producer who was very supportive and encouraging to me , and who gave me every software program available in 2004 for the purpose of filmmaking.

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WGA registration number 2009684

Submitted: June 26, 2019
Last Updated: June 26, 2019

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The Writer: Nazem Kamil Elmasri

I was born in Lebanon. I am a fifty nine year old disabled US Air Force veteran also a De Anza College Cupertino California film production student . I took all 3 screenwriting classes there , I wrote four feature length spy thrillers. a sit com pilot, a TV series treatment, and many other unfinished works in progress. I also wrote for profit as well as nonprofit business concepts and since I had worked and still working in hotels and restaurants for 28 years I have also wrote concepts for a hotel/5 star hospital healing patients with healing teas and meals, homeopathy etc... I wrote a concept for a low income housing village, a business plan that I found online and tweeked rewriting the... Go to bio
Agent: I was with Ray Lucero back in 1991, , I am still looking

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