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my adventures overseas
Ben gets drunk and winds up in France but his mental illness and his girlfriend send him , to the highlands of Vietnam and back to the White House.

Basil nick named Ben is an Arab American singer with a dying career. Finally his boss fires him. He is approached by a CIA recruiter who studied his personnel records as a US special forces member. his mission is to kill a wealthy industrialist who is suspected of supplying terrorists with nuclear weapons, the trouble is that Ben does not want to have anything to do anymore with any kind of intrigue. After refusing the mission adamantly, and realizing that his marriage is falling apart he takes his last paycheck and buys a one way ticket to Paris France. Upon arrival he has a nice dinner with lots of wine and jumps in the Seine attemting to commit suicide. His attempt is a failure and he is rescued wet cold and miserable and taken to the largest mental state mental hospital in Paris where he falls in love with Laochi a Vietnamese beauty, who is so uninhibited that she shows him a hole in the fence in the back where she takes him skinny dipping in the woods. Ben assures the penniless Laochi that he will help her return to Vietnam to take care of her ailing father and little brother. meanwhile Laochi is released and is accepted in a catholic convent where she waits for Ben to fulfil his promise. Upon release from the hospital he is referred to an Islamic charity agency where he quickly befriends the owner a wealthy eccentric Egyptian who promises to become his mentor and show him how to live a happy life. However, Basil(Ben) is adamant about going to see an an Algerian acquaintance who works at the docks in Marseille who will help . However he finds out that the Algerian is an Al-Qaeda operative who is intending to blow up a Jewish synagogue in Marseille an attempt which is foiled when Ben reports him to the police. Ben then returns to Paris to the eccentric Egyptian who gives him two airfares to Saigon. As Ben and Laochi are about to board the plane, the persistant CIA recruiter appears and kidnaps them, taking them to where the wealthy industrialist is having a dinner and ordering him to shoot the industrialist, however ben shoots the recruiter and his henchmen leaving them dying in pools of blood. Ben them seeks refuge in a small Paris mosque where he seeks advice from the Imam who panics and tells him to turn himself in to the police. Ben does that and is promptly arrested.

a court date is set and the trial of the century begins which stirrs the debate about immigration reform and foreign nationals commiting crimes on French soil, with both the prosecuting attorney and the defense making passionate speeches outlining their POVs. At last Laochi and Ben are acquitted and freed and they are flown to saigon where the Vietnamese government gives them 10 acres of land in the highlands to build a resort. on top of that the US embassy contacts Ben about a reward for killing two most wanted fugitives for killing an FBI agent and posing as CIA agents. The couple are then flown to Washington DC to be honored at a formal dinner at the White House for over coming their mental illness and achieving so much. the film ends with the couple sitting at the balcony of their resort in the Vietnamese highlands with children playing at their feet.

Submitted: June 28, 2019
Last Updated: June 28, 2019

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The Writer: Nazem Kamil Elmasri

I was born in Lebanon. I am a fifty nine year old disabled US Air Force veteran also a De Anza College Cupertino California film production student . I took all 3 screenwriting classes there , I wrote four feature length spy thrillers. a sit com pilot, a TV series treatment, and many other unfinished works in progress. I also wrote for profit as well as nonprofit business concepts and since I had worked and still working in hotels and restaurants for 28 years I have also wrote concepts for a hotel/5 star hospital healing patients with healing teas and meals, homeopathy etc... I wrote a concept for a low income housing village, a business plan that I found online and tweeked rewriting the... Go to bio
Agent: I was with Ray Lucero back in 1991, , I am still looking

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