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Ambrosia Falls



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Ex homicide detective Bill O'Riordan carries the living and the dead on the night bus. The past has come to take a ride.

Bill O'Riordan drives the night bus. He is an ex-homicide detective; he carries the living and the dead. He is used to death but his own wife's passing has left him lost and afraid. Keeping his life simple is his only wish but somewhere in his past, he knows, the truth will catch up to him.

Out of Bill's past comes a young girl, now a woman, who has ideas for the future; a future that involves Bill and all the others in the sleepy town of Ambrosia Falls. Molly's crime may have been forgiven by the state but sisters and would be lovers won't be safe around her for long. Molly's dream of returning to her house and her place in it, send her into conflict with forces known and unknown.
Bill finds out that all indiscretions leave a mark and that even an ex-homicide detective is not immune from the sins of the past. For Tara, Molly's sister, has plans of her own and they could involve Bill in an even riskier endeavor than simply breaking the law. Tara wants out of Ambrosia Falls and the cult that controls the town. But you don't thrive in this town in a business that caters to the wealthy and most powerful citizens unless you can force them to play by your rules. Video tapes of the rich at their most intimate moments may make some pause and it may make others roll the dice.

The town itself in under siege from a new drug; a synthetic narcotic that makes the rich richer but drives the poor to desperate acts and could bring out the vigilante in a medical examiner disgusted with an ineffectual police force. She enlists Bill's help to put an end to this scourge, but not knowing that if he wins he loses, she will place Bill in the deadliest case of his life.
Bill killed once to ease the suffering of his ailing wife but will he kill to save a life that holds nothing but his memories? Does Molly see how the town has changed and how the man she once loved has changed with it? Can Tara count on Bill to help her out once more or has he had enough of the dead and the living? Could the trafficking of drugs and the misery that ensues bring back the man who know longer wants to speak for the dead? If Bill isn't careful, he could find answers to questions he had never wanted to ask.

Submitted: July 16, 2018
Last Updated: July 16, 2018

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The Writer: Karl Scarff

Screenwriter in Vancouver, Canada, I have six scripts completed and working on two more. I prefer character over plot but have a thriller or two under my belt. Mostly drawn to comedy or dramas but willing to take a stab at a horror if the idea is engaging. Go to bio

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