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An investigative reporter searches for the killer of his father and ends up entangled in the dark and mysterious world of secret societies.

Sean O'Niel is a respected newspaper reporter who has just finished a series on secret societies. He prides himself on his ability to procure sources and cajole information from them. His father, Des O'Niel, is a highly decorated police detective and would be an ideal source for Sean's work but instead he pursues Detective Molly Raintree, an undercover narc, as a potential source. The city is being hit by a spate of heroin overdoses and little progress is being made. Sean considers working on this story when the murder of his father, throws his life and career into disarray.

Sean stands, with Detective Jimmy Rivers, Des O'Niel's partner on the force, as his father's body is laid to rest. After the wake, Sean pushes detective Rivers to take him to the place that his father's body was found. A shadowy figure named Mercy, marks Sean's progress as he puts together the pieces of not just his father's murder but the slaying of two other innocent people. Sean's ability to decide whom to trust is seriously tested when people he thought were friends, turn on him.

Mercy leads Sean down a dark and mysterious road that brings him to the realization that his father's death and the other murders, were not random but a needed tactic in a sinister plot. With the help of people he feels are true friends, Sean brings to light the facts of a deadly conspiracy. He comes face to face with a secret society called the Hand of God and must endeavor to bring to light their dark and nefarious plot.

Sean finds himself on the run looking for a mysterious man who has brought all this misery into his life. His investigation leads him to consider that others of high importance may be involved in a dark world that he does not want to face: if they can get to the police, how hard would it be to get to a reporter?

Mercy's death signals the end to the official police investigation but only the beginning of Sean's obsession. Detective Rivers worries for Sean's safety but age and frustration have driven him to retirement and he doesn't want to bury the son of his best friend. Sean finds the answers to the questions but they are not what he expected and he has to face his ultimate fear: who can he trust when he really needs to trust someone?

Submitted: July 5, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2018

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The Writer: Karl Scarff

Screenwriter in Vancouver, Canada, I have six scripts completed and working on two more. I prefer character over plot but have a thriller or two under my belt. Mostly drawn to comedy or dramas but willing to take a stab at a horror if the idea is engaging. Go to bio

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