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Antidote Man



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Antidote Man a Novel by Jamie Sutliff
Aliens test killer viruses to exterminate humans 1 man escapes alive with antidotes the world will kill for.

1. ETHAN, 82 dies of cancer and wakes on an alien ship in a new hybrid/mutant body aliens use in lab tests to create killer viruses. ETHAN is injected with viruses then antidotes the aliens plan to use for themselves when they occupy the test bodies. Many humans captive aboard the ship die in the tests their bodies ejected into space. ETHAN meets people with highly skilled medical backgrounds who are forced to work with the aliens.
2. ETHAN is selected to return to Earth to collect Ebola samples for tests. The aliens implant micro chips in ETHAN'S head to control him while on Earth and send an infected dog with him he must release. As Ethan collects samples from a field hospital in Africa a scientist aboard the ship has learned the complicated alien codes used to open laboratory storage cabinets and releases a deadly mutant airborne virus that kills everyone including the aliens and the ship is a tomb in space.
3. ETHAN carries antidotes in his bloodstream and body fluids he first tests on the dog, which cures the animal's infections he goes to the field hospital run by doctors without borders. Posing as a doctor ETHAN tests saliva samples on patients and the results amaze a Russian doctor who presses ETHAN for information. ETHAN realizes how complicated his role will be and he leaves at night with the dog. Ethan wants to share the technology with the world he is naïve and does not understand his blood samples are worth billions to corrupt governments and drug companies. The Russian doctor contacts her superiors in Moscow and agents are assigned to track ETHAN who returns to the U.S. ETHAN meets DR. DREW WILLIAMS head of a children's cancer ward and shares information. DREW helps ETHAN evade the KGB, NSA and CIA until they can escape to a neutral country to share the technology for free.

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Filmquest Finalist 016

Submitted: August 2, 2018
Last Updated: August 2, 2018

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The Writer: jamie sutliff

8 novels, 7 audio books produced by Blackstone Audio Publishing, 15 completed screenplays with 12 winners in 4 genres include the London Film Awards Best Story 017, Utah film Awards Best Feature 016, World Series Screenwriting Finalist, London Cinematic Film Awards Finalist, IndiefestUSA 1st place. North American Film Awards 2nd Place, Global International Film Awards 1st Place, International Independent Film Awards 2nd Place, Filmquest 2 finalists, Austin Revolution semi-finalist and others. Go to bio

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