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The Devil Wind



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Short story The Devil Wind by Jamie Sutliff
inspired by true events - V.P. plans heist of the century during Iraq War

Over 10 billion in cash went missing during the Iraq War - 6 billion recovered in 2010 from a bombed Iraqi bank - this script is a theory based on archived news footage of what happened to the still missing 3.6 billion while controlled by Blackwater.
1. V.P. orders CIA operative ARTHUR CRANE to oversee the transfer of 10 billion in cash from Baghdad to Basra using a sandstorm called the Devil Wind (Jinn) for cover. The cash $100 bills packed in MRE (meals ready to eat) cartons 2 million per box stacked in 2 armored trucks carry 3.4 billion per trip with 3 trips planned.

2. First trip the 2 trucks pass through a checkpoint near an open air market in Baghdad - as the 2nd truck closes the rear door after inspection a suicide bomber detonates a vest - the blast kills several people including the MPs, dislodges 3 cartons from the truck scatters burning bills over the market. The contractors lose the damaged door and continue on route 8 to Basra. A crippled boy (HASIM) on a wheeled sled witnesses the blast grabs a scorched carton from the debris covers it with a scarf and exits the market. HASIM is a lookout for the Shia Mahdi army calls his uncle (a military commander) and reports 2 trucks loaded with $100 bills are headed for Basra in the Devil Wind. HASIM does not mention the carton of bills he takes home to his mother RIMA.

3. RIMA decides to use the money to buy prosthetic limbs for HASIM in England. RIMA plans an escape aboard a fishing vessel at the Basra port and they are on their way to Basra following the trucks in the devil wind. The Shia Mahdi insurgents set up an ambush near the village of Suq as plot twists into a violent conclusion with an uplifting end.

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Finalist 017 London Film Awards - 1st place 016 IndiefestUSA

Submitted: August 3, 2018
Last Updated: August 3, 2018

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The Writer: jamie sutliff

8 novels, 7 audio books produced by Blackstone Audio Publishing, 15 completed screenplays with 12 winners in 4 genres include the London Film Awards Best Story 017, Utah film Awards Best Feature 016, World Series Screenwriting Finalist, London Cinematic Film Awards Finalist, IndiefestUSA 1st place. North American Film Awards 2nd Place, Global International Film Awards 1st Place, International Independent Film Awards 2nd Place, Filmquest 2 finalists, Austin Revolution semi-finalist and others. Go to bio

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