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Antinean (An-tin-e-an), an orbiting maximum-security prison, is hijacked by the world's most deadly inmate, who threatens to expose Antinean's dark secret, and crash the prison into a major US city, causing catastrophic results.

This is a big-budget tent pole script. All out action thriller. Big everything... budget, effects, stunts, action, etc.

We open on the gargantuan orbiting prison Antinean, which houses all worldwide death row inmates as well as all the worldwide violent lifers. A psychotic inmate has somehow taken a guard hostage. ETAC (Elite Tactical Antinean Command) Lieutenant Chad Anderson is primary squad leader. Thing go badly. The guard is killed, and the inmate is sucked out into space via an airlock. This failure and punishment make Chad take a dark path, and become one of the major antagonists.

Boom! To San Francisco, where California Highway Patrol Officers Shawn Hauer and John Chen are part of the critical incident response team. San Francisco is under siege. Two explosive laden semis are jackknifed on the center span of the Golden Gate Bridge, trapping several hundred cars in-between. The explosives are detonated, destroying the center span of the bridge, and killing hundreds, including Shawn's wife and two young children, though he is not yet aware of it.

The real reason for the diversion quickly becomes clear. Chechen terrorist Anzor Dudayev, the most wanted terrorist in the world, is masterminding a huge bank robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank with three accomplices. They flee the bank, and accidentally cross paths with Shawn and John. The chase is on... REALLY ON. An epic, insane, mind-blowing, wild chase through downtown San Francisco. The chase ends in a ridiculous crash and shootout. Shawn and John take Anzor into custody, at first unaware of who he is. Hours later they are informed that they have apprehended the most wanted terrorist in the world.

Shawn learns his wife and children were killed on the bridge. He resigns from the CHP and retreats to his remote cabin. John ends up joining the Elite Tactical Antinean Command, where he falls hard for ETAC Pilot Cynthia Brunnick. He goes to Shawn, and convinces him to join ETAC. Anzor is sentenced to Antinean, where he will be put to death by implosion. During his transfer from federal custody into ETAC custody, his terrorist organization launches a major attack on the motorcade... but fail.

While Shawn remains at ETAC Operations, John is sent to Antinean with Chad, who is coming off a long and bitter punishment. Anzor is transferred to Antinean. A bitter Chad regains his squad leader position while John adjusts to life on Antinean. Then, the unthinkable happens. Anzor masterminds the hijacking of Antinean with Chad's help. John is now trapped on the hijacked prison.

Anzor puts the gargantuan prison into a negative orbit, with a collision course with a major US city. He also discovers Antinean's very dark secret... it houses all of the nuclear waste and the most deadly chemicals ever made, enough to be catastrophic to earth if the prison impacts with earth.

Shawn assembles a team of commandos. Cynthia will pilot one of the shuttles as Shawn leads his squad to Antinean against ridiculously impossible odds to battle Anzor and his accomplices, the rioting inmates, and attempt to regain control of Antinean. The ensuing battle is over the top action, epic, and wildly insane. A nail-biting intense conclusion.

Submitted: January 6, 2017
Last Updated: August 13, 2018

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The Writer: Mike Briock

I attended film school, which included a screenwriting course. I had always been interested in writing, and I strongly gravitated to screenwriting while in film school. I was determined to learn how to write screenplays the proper way. I have mastered screenwriting through the school of hard knocks... and hard work. I stayed with it, learned from my mistakes, worked very hard and long to learn the right way. I worked as a script reader. I also worked with produced screenwriters. I write everyday. I have four rules I write by... write, delete, edit, rewrite. I tend to write "clean and lean" screenplays which are fast read. The hard work has paid off to a degree. Four of my screenplays have... Go to bio
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