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A man arranges for his demise after being cruelly swindled out of his family's life savings, only to discover much too late that he wasn't swindled after all. He cannot cancel the hit.

A balance of hilarious, sometimes quirky, comedy, intense drama, and harrowing action. Loving husband and father John Lowry believes he has been swindled out of all the money his family has, which not only means being destitute, but also having to foreclose on the new home he just purchased as an anniversary gift for his wife. He realizes he will be completely humiliated, and has destroyed his family and their financial future and well-being.

Overcome by enormous guilt, John arranges for his demise, after which his family will receive the hefty life insurance money. In his misguided overwrought guilty state of mind, he feels this is not only the best option... but the only option. Things quickly fall apart after John learns too late that he wasn't swindled after all... but has no way whatsoever to cancel the hit he put on himself.

John has destroyed his marriage, put his family in danger, and the police not only do not believe him, they won't act unless there is a credible attempt on his life. John now faces ridiculously impossible odds as he must stay alive at all costs, get his family back, and secure his future. Grave danger, hilarious comedy, and intense drama ensue as things come to a riveting conclusion.

Submitted: January 15, 2017
Last Updated: July 31, 2018

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The Writer: Mike Briock

I attended film school, which included a screenwriting course. I had always been interested in writing, and I strongly gravitated to screenwriting while in film school. I was determined to learn how to write screenplays the proper way. I have mastered screenwriting through the school of hard knocks... and hard work. I stayed with it, learned from my mistakes, worked very hard and long to learn the right way. I worked as a script reader. I also worked with produced screenwriters. I write everyday. I have four rules I write by... write, delete, edit, rewrite. I tend to write "clean and lean" screenplays which are fast read. The hard work has paid off to a degree. Four of my screenplays have... Go to bio
Manager: Confidential

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