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Violent escaped convicts take two hostages and flee into the bayou, where an ill-fated decision unleashes the unimaginable terror of revengeful Cajuns out to exact their intensely horrific brand of justice.

Mike Daley wakes up severely injured and incarcerated in a brutal Louisiana hard labor prison... with no knowledge whatsoever how he got there. His memory slowly starts to return. He realizes he accidentally stumbled upon a county sheriff committing a cold-blooded murder. The last thing he remembers is being pursued by the sheriff. Mike realizes he has been illegally incarcerated in the hard labor prison by the sheriff and the sheriff's cousin, who is the warden of the prison. He has no way to communicate with the outside world. No one knows where he is.

Several weeks later, Mike is on a work detail with eight other inmates. Two of the inmates overpower and murder the guards. All of them escape the scene in a prison short bus. They are pulled over by a state trooper, whom they take hostage after Mike talks them out of murdering him. Mike now finds himself as a hostage along with the state trooper.

In a failed attempt to elude a massive police manhunt, the escapees steal a boat and flee deep into the Louisiana Bayou. They come across a remote Cajun house. Several of the convicts attack the Cajun women at the house, then continue deeper into the bayou. They suddenly find themselves not only being hunted by the police, but even more chilling and terrifying... very stealth and revengeful Cajuns, who stalk them with deadly precision and start to kill them in very horrific ways.

Mike finds himself in a virtually impossible situation to survive. The inmates plan to kill him and the state trooper once they reach the gulf. They are being hunted down and brutally murdered by revengeful Cajuns. They are being hunted by trigger happy law enforcement. Mike is also being hunted by the crooked sheriff and warden, who cannot allow him to be apprehended or survive, because their dark and deadly secrets would be exposed.

It has won 15 film festivals (as of 10/9/18) and is also a 5-time finalist. There is a reason it has won this many awards to date.

Submitted: January 5, 2017
Last Updated: November 13, 2018
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The Writer: Mike Briock

I attended film school, which included a screenwriting course. I had always been interested in writing, and I strongly gravitated to screenwriting while in film school. I was determined to learn how to write screenplays the proper way. I have mastered screenwriting through the school of hard knocks... and hard work. I stayed with it, learned from my mistakes, worked very hard and long to learn the right way. I worked as a script reader. I also worked with produced screenwriters. I write everyday. I have four rules I write by... write, delete, edit, rewrite. I tend to write "clean and lean" screenplays which are fast read. The hard work has paid off to a degree. Four of my screenplays have... Go to bio
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