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Apocalypse Forever

They’re one happy cult. The apocalypse is coming, and it never gets old.



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The end is nigh. At least so says Alpha, their noble leader.

The Brethren of the Final View has been waiting for the end since 2011. It has come several
times, sort of, but somehow the world is still standing? This is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things.
One of these times it's going to be for real.

Things would be peachy, if it weren't for the rival cult, The Orchard of the Last Days, nearby.

Gallery of characters:


Protagonist. He is care-free, lazy, sarcastic, possibly a bit selfish. Why he has joined this cult, we can only guess for now? Most likely on a whim, out of boredom, to rid himself of real life responsibilities. Or to meet girls?


The leader of the group. It’s obvious, he doesn’t really know, or care about the end of the world. It is hinted throughout, he is in it for sex, plain and simple. This man enjoys his position and takes full advantage of it. He does have full control over everyone, except Lilith (and Vector?).


A strong and independent woman. The reason she’s here, is Alpha. She feels their relationship is exclusive, but Alpha does not share this view. While Alpha is the leader, it’s obvious to us, Lilith has a grip on him. Why does she tolerate Alpha’s cheating? She enjoys her powerful position, she is the queen of the cult.


The latest disciple. A beautiful, young woman, who seems completely out of place in this cult. She’s smart and determined, not impressionable at all. What is she doing here? There must be some sort of a secret…
Alpha and Vector both develop an immediate crush on her, and become rivals.


As his name suggests, he is the ”last”, and sadly, the least. He is not very bright, and as such, is a happy man. The only one in the entire cast, without any kind of selfish agenda. He simply enjoys life without ambition, goes where the wind takes him.


The leader of the Orchard of the Last Days. A cult similar to ”ours”, but much more sinister. Adam (named after the first man) is all ego. He is toxic and malicious. In one word, a bully.
He also envies Alpha, whose cult is older than his.
If ”our” cult is practically a bunch of hippies, Adam’s cult is a militant group, armed to the teeth.


A sycophant to no end. Worships the very ground under Adam’s feet. Usually gets no love or recognition in return, only more humiliation. Is Gabriel’s admiration for Adam sincere, or is he up to something?


Named after the angel of war. That’s what he is, he’s about tactics and aggression. Clearly Adam’s favorite. Is there rivalry between Gabriel and Michael?

The pilot episode is written as a single-camera, live action teleplay. But it could just as easily be animated.

Submitted: February 27, 2022
Last Updated: February 28, 2022

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The Writer: Ville Nummenpää

I'm a screenwriter and a novelist. Three official credits on IMDB (There should be a couple more, who knows who updates them?). I have one 12-ep. TV-series to my name, two stage plays, five books (three for kids, two for grown-ups), and various stints here and there. Episode here, a few sketches there, short movies and short stories, etc. I do comedy, cause I'm not funny. But why stop there? I also want to do horror, action, science fiction... in one word, entertainment. I live in Finland, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the town of Riihimäki? Always happy to connect with like-minded, passionate story tellers, of which there are plenty here. Go to bio

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