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Team B

Team B (B is for Britannia) is a family of superheroes (of sorts) trying to live a normal life somewhere in the UK.



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Genre: Comedy

● 30 Min Television Series
● Single camera
● PG (Occasional strong language - optional)
● Style: Silly, absurd, upbeat
● Style references: Bridget&Eamon, Spaced, Father Ted, IT Crowd...

Tagline: ”With great powers, come ordinary problems”

They are a family of four. A perfectly normal family, who have awesome superpowers. Team B are
media darlings, but in reality they would like nothing better then to live an average life, free of
fame, supervillains and life-threatening situations. They have made the conscious decision to move
away from public eye, but of course cannot help but help citizens in distress. Doing so they always
reluctantly draw attention to themselves.
We get to follow their attempts at mediocrity, which are usually made futile by an evil supervillain,
Doctor If.

We take the absurdity of it all as it is. We take Team B for what they are, ordinary people with
ordinary problems. They just happen to be superheroes.

Cast of main characters:

Turbo-Macho – dad
Claims to be the strongest man in the world, and we take his word on it. Unfortunately, he has a bad
back, which usually slows down his heroic activities. And most definitely prevents him from doing
any kind of chores around the house. Works as a salesman in a hardware- and garden appliances

She-Lynx – mom
According to her own words, has feline instincts, deadly speed and super-human hearing. Believes
to be the world´s sexiest superhero. This is of course subjective, but at least her self confidence is
second to none. She works at an office, and absolutely hates her boss Angela.

Vivian – their daughter
Fifteen year old girl, who has X-ray vision, can read minds, and masters telekinesis. There is very
little evidence of her powers, but we choose to believe her. Uses sarcasm as a weapon in everyday

Secreto – their son
A 12-year old boy of mystery. Believes to be invisible, but... let´s face it, isn´t. People play along,
because to learn that he really isn´t invisible might be devastating. Vivian is the only one who can
officially see him, due to her superpowers. However, Secreto may have abilities we don´t know
about yet?

Doctor If
Evil supervillain. Completely oblivious of his non-threatening presence, and worst supervillain
name ever. Harbours a deep grudge against Team B, no one knows why. Perhaps we will learn at
some point

Submitted: January 28, 2022
Last Updated: January 28, 2022

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The Writer: Ville Nummenpää

I'm a screenwriter and a novelist. Three official credits on IMDB (There should be a couple more, who knows who updates them?). I have one 12-ep. TV-series to my name, two stage plays, five books (three for kids, two for grown-ups), and various stints here and there. Episode here, a few sketches there, short movies and short stories, etc. I do comedy, cause I'm not funny. But why stop there? I also want to do horror, action, science fiction... in one word, entertainment. I live in Finland, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the town of Riihimäki? Always happy to connect with like-minded, passionate story tellers, of which there are plenty here. Go to bio

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