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In the era of MeToo, auditions turn deadly at a failing art-house theater as actresses vie for that "killer" role. (Cowritten with Rick Hansberry).



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A social media celebrity, Edgar and his fan base are... unique. Wearing a mask whenever he deigns to appear in "the flesh", Edgar waxes on his blog about anything fringe: the occult, conspiracy theories, and his latest "brilliant" creation... a play. But not just any play: a reboot of Romeo and Juliet - blended with Science Fiction in warped ways which could only be birthed from Silver's equally twisted mind.

Shockingly, Edgar's already found an angel investor to foot the bill. The perfect venue for it, as well: an old broken down theater known as "The Reprise." Managed by eccentric womanizer Sterling, The Reprise shuttered years ago, after to a scandalous suicide within its walls. Aided by bitter PA gopher Barry, Sterling prays Edgar's bizarre production will bring his beloved Reprise back to almost forgotten glory days.

Leaving every ingredient in place, but one: the prized role of Juliet. It doesn't get more choice than that!

At least, according to six women who arrive on the Reprise's steps. Thanks to the theater's tarnished reputation, this cattle call is motley: Crystal - a star-struck naive. Amelia - a sex bomb who embodies everything Crystal's not. Keisha - armed with street skills and sarcastic wit. Farrah - chubby and awkward under the goth face she presents to the world, she's a rabid fan of Edgar's blog. Maybelline - a Latina transwoman dying to reboot "Juliet" in truly revolutionary ways. Then there's Pam... the most accomplished actress in the group, Pam's hardened by a life-time of being unrecognized, and competing against a never-ending line of amateurs.

For all of them, tonight's Audition will be do-or-die. Both because the "winner" walks away with a quarter mill. And the possible break through role of their lives.

That is, if they survive. Battling against each other and Edgar's bizarre scenes, these actresses face a multitude of surprises inside Reprises's decaying walls. Strange electrical misfires from the second floor sound and light booth. Glimpses of what might be a "ghost". Sterling and Barry's motives also seem terribly suspect - especially where "girls" are concerned. In the era of MeToo, is any actress safe? Soon, Edgar begins calling them in to audition privately. One-by-one, they disappear.

To where and what fate... who knows?

Submitted: June 25, 2019
Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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The Writer: J.E. Clarke

Known for her unique characters and plots, J.E. Clarke has optioned her feature length horror, " Containment " with Primestar Film Group (director Mike Elliott of Scorpion King 4 attached), her SF feature " Stream " with Purryburry Productions, John Noble of " Fringe " and " Lord of the Rings " attached. Her fantasy/SF " Evergreen " (cowritten for Adam Zeulhke of Zenoscope Productions), is currently in preproduction, along with Entanglement (Director/Cowriter David Manocchio), and international thriller Blood Type (Director/Cowriter Dan Thorens.) Currently seeking representation, Ms. Clarke's portfolio of work is available at (Sample shorts at http://www... Go to bio

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