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Banks & Llamas Cattle Co.

When a notorious con man learns that his teenage son is mistakenly being tried for the con man's own crimes, he teams up with a retired sheriff to set things right.



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The Banks & Llamas Cattle Co. is an action/thriller set in the old west. A notorious con man named Harold Banks is trying to get out of the “business” when his is teenage son (Timmy) is arrested for Banks’s own past crimes.

Banks thinks he can trick an old sheriff named Juan Llamas into orchestrating his arrest in exchange for Timmy’s release (which of course, he intends to con his way out of)... but he's insulted to realize that he isn't quite as “wanted” as he'd thought he was. The old sheriff would rather spend his week chasing a lost herd of cattle - so our con man turns cowboy in his attempt to drive the sheriff home with the cattle in time to save his son.

It isn’t long before Banks realizes that Sheriff Llamas actually has a bigger price on his head than Banks himself does. …Llamas has recently butted heads with a powerful railroad baron. Therefore, a shady hired gun named Ben Roja is out to kill him, and Banks spends most of his journey just keeping the old man alive.

Harold Banks is a rogue outlaw with a conscience. As he watches his son beginning to follow in his footsteps, Banks wants to change his lifestyle before he's ruined his son's future for good. But no matter what Banks does, he just can’t seem to “will” his way into becoming a good person. What’s more frustrating - Sheriff Llamas makes it look easy. The more Banks watches Llamas live a committed life, the more convinced he is that he’ll never measure up. Banks must learn to change his ways (from the inside out), and Llamas is just the man to learn it from.

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Reader: "I found myself writing fewer and fewer notes my first read through as I just couldn’t stop reading. It had me pinned to my seat."

Submitted: December 1, 2019
Last Updated: April 6, 2021

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The Writer: Kristen Butler

Kristen Butler (Producer, Writer) began her career in the film industry as an editor, working on projects such as Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure, 77 Chances , and Summertime Christmas . At the same time, she began producing under Mirari Pictures, a film company that she co-founded. Under the Mirari Pictures brand, Kristen produced three award-winning short films, and the feature My House. Kristen possesses a strong background in marketing, having worked in the internal marketing department at a large non-profit university, as well as dedicating five years to the service of an independent marketing firm. In 2019, Kristen founded her second film company, Sailfish Features, for the purpose... Go to bio

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