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A mystical man is born of a miracle birth and grows up on a mission to bring peace through world leaders, despite an agency trying to stop him because they suspect he's the anti-Christ.



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A woman named Vera gives birth to a child (named Varun) under impossible circumstances. Controversy builds over the child's life, with investigations from a religious organization believing that he might be the anti-Christ. As Varun grows up, many events happen that constitute miracles. There are healings, people brought to justice and strange manifestations. With the organization following him every step of the way, Varun must find a way to stop their pursuit. Taking on different identities, he finds that being a politician is the easiest way to reach people at the top. The ultimate event is when he is trapped with the president of the United States in a theatre that has been hit by a Russian missile. Using his ability to send people visions of their repercussions, he tries to convince a selfish, egotistical president not to launch an ultimate nuclear war.

Submitted: April 4, 2019
Last Updated: November 12, 2021

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The Writer: John Daly

Being a songwriter for many years has morphed into screenwriting. After pushing music to the industry through CDs and then soundtracks for film, the creative stories in songs have turned into screenplays. After all, the music can always be part of it at any point. Go to bio

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