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Wicca Vendetta

A modern day witch has spirits of women tell her where their murderer's are so she can avenge them, while a police detective tries everything to stop her.



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A peaceful Wicca practicing woman with incredible psychic abilities marries a Royal Saudi Prince, but soon realizes

her gift was the main reason for his interest.

Over time she makes him extremely wealthy by predicting where oil can be found, bets can be won, and stocks can be purchased.

After being wrong on an oil prediction, making the Prince lose millions of dollars, the Prince starts to physically and mentally abuse her.

She starts practicing the Black Arts and becomes efficient at manipulating matter.

An assistant to the Royal family overhears her planning to leave the Prince and tells him.

She then kills the Prince before he can execute her, escapes to the United States and settles in the state of Nevada.

Her mystical abilities get so developed that Spirits of murdered women are attracted to her and convey messages on where their killers are.

She uses the messages to start a mission on getting revenge for her contacts from beyond.

Soon she starts a murdering spree that will lead a police detective on an ultimate nightmare.

Not finding any evidence as to whom this murdering woman is, the detective decides to look into a symbol a witness saw on her sports car, which then leads him to Saudi Arabia.

Once he's there, a relative of the Prince she murdered takes him hostage to use as U.S. collateral so he can have her for himself.

The assistant of the royal family helps the detective escape, and they then return to the U.S. to find her.

He informs the detective that the woman has a twin sister with the same mystical abilities that can help find, and maybe stop her.

The relative of the Prince also travels to the U.S. with his assistants and meets up with the police and FBI on pursuit of the mysterious woman.

It all leads to a climactic finale when this obvious witch plans on executing a mass murder by burning hundreds of people in a locked casino room.

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Submitted: March 1, 2020
Last Updated: February 14, 2021

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The Writer: John Daly

Being a songwriter for many years has morphed into screenwriting. After pushing music to the industry through CDs and then soundtracks for film, the creative stories in songs have turned into screenplays. After all, the music can always be part of it at any point. Go to bio

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