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Belleau Wood

1918. A wounded marine falls for his nurse enraging her jealous admirer. Falsely accused of desertion and espionage he struggles against a military system out to execute him.



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When LIAM KIERNEY, his COUSIN and their friends reach war-torn France in 1918, they join up with veterans and experience real conflicts of courage, humour, human weakness, and the horror of kill or be killed.

A blundering military create weariness and desolation for Liam and his comrades, as they are forced to mature through survival within the trenches and ruined, war torn towns of France, to the victory at Belleau Wood.

Following promotion for repeated bravery, Liam and his cousin are wounded and transferred to England for recovery. This is where Liam develops a relationship with his beautiful Irish nurse SHEILAGH.

Haunting them is FENTON IVES-MAYFAIR, a vain British army Captain infatuated with Sheilagh. Liam takes Sheilagh to the South coast on sick-leave and the jealous officer follows them there, falsifies events to have Liam arrested for desertion and espionage.

They escape but are hunted down.

The prison GUARD is brutal. The JUDGES insensitive. The DEFENCE inadequate.

Condemned at a perfunctory court martial to go before a firing squad as an example, just like his cell-mate, all seems lost for Liam until his company COMMANDER, himself now recovering from a wound, appears to act as his new Defence.

For the JUDGES and PROSECUTER, Liam's appeal is a waste of time and they undermine the Defences attempts as he represents Liam. Then it becomes clear the Captain has lied and falsified evidence and this prompts the Judges to do an 'about-turn' allowing the Captain to fall into the Defences trap.

The war will soon be over. Liam will finally be released and he and Sheilagh can be together.

Belleau Wood has a duration of approximately a hundred and five minutes.

Submitted: May 15, 2020
Last Updated: January 12, 2021

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The Writer: Paul Maher

I began taking an interest in media related subjects in the 1980s especially photograhy, being self-taught, doing mostly Black & White. Fortunately I was at sea then so had the opportunity for travel to help my photography. During this time I completed the Bureau of Freelance Photographers Photo-Journalism course which taught me how to write correctly and I had a number of publishing successes. In 1988 I lived in Gibraltar for a year as manager/trainer of a gym, then in Greece for eighteen months. I had an extra role in the Niko Mastorakis film Hired to Kill. I returned to England in 1992 and attended Southport College full time to study for a BTEC National Diploma in Photography which... Go to bio

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