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The Sword of Calais

1536. Jean Rombaud has a royal commission to behead Anne Boleyn. But when his nephew injures a noble's son, old wounds are opened and Jean has a predicament, execute his nephew or commit treason.



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This is a historical drama set in 1536, at the time of the execution of Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII schemes to be rid of his wife so he can marry another. As Anne Boleyn is found guilty of her sins and other charges brought against her, the King sends to Calais for Europe's best executioner.

Jean Rombaud will be paid 100 Crowns, a huge amount which will set up the fencing school Jean has longed to establish. With RAOUL his nephew, they are also requested to escort LADY ROSELYN from Calais to her family home. Roselyn discovers their occupation - but both have caring natures. Jean often uses herbs to calm some of the condemned before execution and Raoul is something of a romantic minstrel. As they travel a bond develops between Roselyn and Raoul which her maid Cassandra does not approve.

Arriving in London, Roselyn is shocked to learn she is to be married. This will bring great advantage to her family. But she hates NIGEL, her future intended for his cruel and arrogant ways.

A calming brew is sent to Anne Boleyn from Jean. Standing on the scaffold, Anne declares her innocence. Jean's sword swings and Anne's eyes and mouth open and close convulsively as her head rolls.

Celebrations take place for Henry's betrothal. Roselyn sneaks away to join in the merry-making and meets Raoul. She wants him to take her back to Calais. They feast and dance and soon Raoul has a lifeless drunk on his hands. Raoul manages to return Roselyn to her home but is confronted by Nigel who accuses Raoul of drugging Roselyn to abduct her. Raoul wins their duel then tries to escape but is surrounded by guards and is arrested.

Raoul is tried and found guilty of abduction and attempted murder. Revealed, Nigel is the son of an old foe of Jean, who is now a favourite at Henry's court. HOWARD and Jean fought over Nigel's mother twenty years before. Jean must now humble himself to save Raoul. Old wounds are opened and Jean challenges his opponent once more.

Cruelly, Jean is given an ultimatum by CROMWELL. If he wins the duel, Raoul will be executed. If he loses - but remains alive, he and Raoul can return to Calais. Nigel's mother meets Jean in secret and admits her past love for him and how she was persuaded by her ambitious family to marry Jean's foe. She also reveals that before the original duel, Jean had been drugged to weaken him. Jean gives Nigel's mother a medicinal potion for him, then sends to Calais for help.

A magician is entertaining the King. For the last trick, his assistant is covered by a cloth, then is beheaded. When the severed head is presented to Henry, to his delight it begins to sing.

When the duel begins, it is obvious Jean is far more superior and wins easily, forcing Howard to admit his previous deceit. The King is furious. Jean himself is to execute Raoul.

In Raoul's cell, with a couple of guards as witness and a hooded priest in attendance, Jean executes Raoul then presents the severed head to the guards.

Jean leaves for Dover and joins his magician brother as their ship is being loaded. A magic cabinet opens and out steps a happy Raoul with Roselyn.

Submitted: May 11, 2020
Last Updated: February 6, 2021

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The Writer: Paul Maher

I began taking an interest in media related subjects in the 1980s especially photograhy, being self-taught, doing mostly Black & White. Fortunately I was at sea then so had the opportunity for travel to help my photography. During this time I completed the Bureau of Freelance Photographers Photo-Journalism course which taught me how to write correctly and I had a number of publishing successes. In 1988 I lived in Gibraltar for a year as manager/trainer of a gym, then in Greece for eighteen months. I had an extra role in the Niko Mastorakis film Hired to Kill. I returned to England in 1992 and attended Southport College full time to study for a BTEC National Diploma in Photography which... Go to bio

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