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Bennett III

A binman recycles his formerly destructive 80s action-hero obsession into a force for good to rescue his son from a dying vampire before he transmigrates his soul into the boy's body.



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London; a clan of vicious vampires led by the dickless three-hundred-year-old TREDHUR
inducts, by bite, Korean virologist MISUK KOK, a begrudging blend of brains, brawn and
beauty who unwittingly created and inoculated herself with a vampire vaccine, into the gang.

To the rescue, vengeful M.I.5 AGENT JOBSWORTH stealthily aided by tech guy AGENT
BAVARD and an elite police firearms squad who’ve set a trap to capture the castrated chief
and his thugs racy JONKA, kinky KOMORI, pec-jiggling JICHO and fearsome FARGLOS.

In brutal brawls, the coterie conquers; flees with Kok. For bungled op, Jobsworth suspended.
Plan B; Jobsworth wangles a candid chat with binman and recovered 80s action-film fanatic,
GORDON BENNETT living in domestic bliss with his doting wife KAREN and computergaming
son RODNEY. Revealing the tramp Gordon killed was his son, he begs him for help.

For the slain son’s sake, the ballsy binman, disguised as a transgender Terminator, penetrates
a diverse, drug-fuelled Sapphic orgy in the flat of the massive minge-munching BATYGAL
whose bulbous booty the slaughtered son rimmed before his death. Unbeknownst to Gordon
under the erectile effects of inhaled drugs, Jobsworth has the vast vampiress in his gun-sight.

Blowing Batygal’s brains out, her fiery soul flees from her dissolving body. Tredhur feels the
spirit spurt; orders Farglos to check the flat. Gordon escapes; argues with Jobsworth over the
execution which Farglos eavesdrops. Tredhur orders the assassins to be brought before him.

Overhearing the kidnapping of Karen and Rodney, as Gordon pops to the shop, Bavard alerts
Jobsworth who rushes to Gordon’s house; finds him mourning and holding a note with a cell
number on it. In a rancorous row, Jobsworth admits the clan are vampires; Gordon reveals he
recorded the agent’s prior plea forcing him to help Gordon lest his bosses learn of the events.

Calling the number, a meeting’s arranged. Using Misuk and Karen, now also in a vampiric
coma, as bait for Jobsworth and Gordon, Jicho lurks dying to kill, and return with the Doc. In
a frantic fight, Gordon rescues Karen and Kok, Jicho is slain and Jobsworth badly wounded.

At the church of St. Coitus administered by the pocket-sized parish priest FATHER RAUL
CHINGADO-PAJERO, Jobsworth, infected with Jicho’s blood is shot by Bavard. In a vivid
dream inspired by the alien telepath KHAL, the way to save his family’s revealed. He must
recycle his former 80s action-hero obsession as a force for good. He wakes ready for action.

Misuk’s awake: her vaccine victorious. Bavard reveals cock-cropped’s plan to transmigrate
his soul into Rodney’s body. Father Pajero recounts the terrifying tale of Tredhur’s quest for
immortality by eating infected bats in a cave, and instructs Gordon to save his polluted soul.

Tredhur returns to the cave. Bavard, imitating Jobsworth, calls in favours. On board a fast jet,
prepped to parachute down to the cave, Misuk, feeling Tredhur’s hatred for Gordon in her
soul tries to kill the bold binman who flips her out the plane; follows close behind. Back in
sway, she and Gordon save the vamparinas. Misuk inoculates bats by letting them devour her.

Ramming a blessed silver cross into his heart, Gordon saves Farglos’s soul. Tredhur mutates
into a monstrous bat-like form; bites Gordon; collapses into a haemorrhaging heap as a result
of Gordon’s antibodies to the zombie virus. Saving Tredhur’s soul with holy water, Gordon
saves Rodney and Misuk. With Jobsworth’ posthumous cheque, Gordon resigns as a binman.

Submitted: July 25, 2020
Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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The Writer: Alex Conway

Originally from London in the United Kingdom, Alex Conway has been a screenwriter for a number of years and written in a diverse range of genres. His first foray into the world of screenwriting resulted in the outrageous Binman Trilogy, an over-the-top horror-sci-fi-comedy that was inspired by his former teenage obsession for the muscle-bound action-movie gods he used to watch on a vinyl sofa back in the 80s. Another area of interest that has inspired several feature-length scripts in the genres of action-adventure, drama, epic and horror is the Greco-Roman world whose illustrious figures and their eminent works and exploits have long fascinated him. Lastly, the question of faith in... Go to bio

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