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The Icenian

An unworldly newly-wed from the Iceni tribe in Britannia joins the Roman army, which conquered his people, to find his stolen bride whom pirates sold to a rebellious provincial governor.



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In the land of the vanquished Iceni in the Roman province of Britannia the life of newly-wed
IENTUMAROS, the indomitable farmer’s son, is utterly devastated when merciless Batavian
pirates led by the ruthless CHARIOVALDA and INDUS his callous henchman, employed in
the service of GAIUS VINDEX, a haughty seditious governor, burn down his village, slay his
parents, and enslave amber-haired UEBROMARA his spirited gravid wife and other children.

In the care of the wise druid ARTOGNAWOS, the injured grief-stricken Ientumaros acquires
the requisition for slaves with Vindex’s stamp, dropped by the pirates in their hasty departure.
He appeals to CATARIGES, the overburdened tribal chief, but his fear of Roman retribution
means he cannot help. Eager for revenge, he follows his heart; joins the reviled Roman army.

The captives are taken to Vindex’s palace. VIBIA, Vindex’s cold wife, takes Uebromara for
her handmaiden but lustful Vindex desires her for himself. MARCINIUS CRISPO, the battlehardened
patriot, swears in Ientumaros and new friends the timorous ADIMINE and the poor
CARATACEN. The long arduous training under the unyielding GAIUS FERRARIUS starts.

Training over - the fighting begins. In bloody battles Ientumaros’s comrades perish. In quiet
solitude he questions his actions but his talent for warfare is proven again. Defying orders, he
saves Marcinius. A chance encounter reveals Vindex is in Gaul. He tells Marcinius his story.
Marcinius denies him. In a rage, he deserts but is caught, and imprisoned. Marcinius repents.

Uebromara is caught planning an escape. MANIUS OVIDIUS, Vindex’s loyal tribune, orders
her and the children to be chained up in the basement every night. In Rome, en-route to Syria
to help PETRONIUS GALLUS, the new inexperienced governor, quell a rebellion in Judea, a
fretful Marcinius seeks spiritual help; Ientumaros slays the pirates in a brutal bar-room brawl.

In Judea the army is ambushed. Marcinius rallies the troops, orders Ientumaros to lead Gallus
to safety, and give all he’s earned to his family. Gallus rewards Ientumaros with citizenship,
adoption and, at Marcinius’s prior recommendation, transfers him to the ambitious LUCIUS
RUFUS to help put down Vindex’s revolt against Emperor NERO. Uebromara bears a son.

Back in Rome, Ientumaros, betrayed by Gallus’s treacherous freedman, is intercepted by the
Praetorian Guard and brought to the Emperor. Nero charges him with treason for failing to
report Vindex’s plot to overthrow him, and sentences him to death. In a fight for his life, he
escapes. In Gaul, with Rufus’s army, battle begins. He leads the attack on Vindex’s palace.

Via an underground tunnel Vibia, taking Uebromara by force, attempts to escape. Ientumaros
catches Vindex and Manius about to flee. In a fight to the death, Manius perishes. Uebromara
escapes from her mistress’s grasp. The tunnel collapses. Vibia dies. Uebromara flees into
Vindex’s clutches. Face-to-face, he begs for his life. Ientumaros shows the slave requisition.

The humiliated Vindex tries to kill her. She struggles free. Against Rufus’ orders, Ientumaros
slays him. In the dank cellar he meets his son. The war is over. The troops praise him. Rufus
rages. With Nero also dead, he needs their loyalty to take the throne. Ientumaros assures their
fidelity. Discharged, he honours Marcinius, who still lives, by naming his son after him and
giving him much of his inherited wealth. No more the Icenian, he and his family are Romans.

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Semi-finalist, Screencraft Action and Adventure 2020

Submitted: July 26, 2020
Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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The Writer: Alex Conway

Originally from London in the United Kingdom, Alex Conway has been a screenwriter for a number of years and written in a diverse range of genres. His first foray into the world of screenwriting resulted in the outrageous Binman Trilogy, an over-the-top horror-sci-fi-comedy that was inspired by his former teenage obsession for the muscle-bound action-movie gods he used to watch on a vinyl sofa back in the 80s. Another area of interest that has inspired several feature-length scripts in the genres of action-adventure, drama, epic and horror is the Greco-Roman world whose illustrious figures and their eminent works and exploits have long fascinated him. Lastly, the question of faith in... Go to bio

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